Big Bang Empire

RPG Casual Simulation

From amateur to pro! Create your own XXX star, become the world star and play against real opponents!

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About Big Bang Empire

In Big Bang Empire, you’re on a mission to build an adult studio and become an XXX superstar! Begin by creating your online porn alter-ego, then choose your skills and make your way from backstage fluffer to red-carpet legend as you climb the slippery ladder to success. Join a studio, make contacts, and produce increasingly challenging scenes as you train your performer to take everything the adult industry can throw at you!

Key Features

-Regular updates and content additions
-Create and customize your own adult movie star
-Shoot your own adult movies and become the top performer in the world!
-Build up your own erotic studio
-Real time events with thousands of players

News and Updates

Game Update!
12/11/2018 02:19AM

The following changes were deployed today (2018-12-11):
New Features
• You can now fine 11 new festive Decorations with winter animations in Deco Boxes!
• In addition to the new Decorations, you can now also find 5 new items in 3 quality levels exclusively in Deco Boxes. The epic versions of those items have a special animation!
• To see the animations of the special Decorations and items, you have to set the level for animations on "All" in your game preferences.

New items for future events and specials have been added:
• We've added 3 new color variations for 13 items for female characters, which can be obtained during special events.
• We've added 3 new color variations for 13 items for male characters, which can be obtained during special events.

• In the overview for Successes, the Success for Solo Temple Competitions did not show how many have been completed already and how many are still needed. This issue has been fixed.
• Conventions sometimes showed that they don't offer any reward. This issue has been fixed.
• Several smaller issues have been fixed.

Important: Due to the Christmas Holidays the upcoming Update will be postponed by a week. The following Updates will be scheduled in the regular three week cycle after that.

Merry Christmas!
The year just flew by - and now Christmas is already around the corner again! The whole Big Bang Empire team wholeheartedly wishes you a happy and tranquil Christmas Season, much fun for your hot Christmas Missions and a great start into the New Year 2019!

Your Big Bang Empire Team

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Android and Windows Clients available!
11/26/2018 10:56PM

Hey fellow Big Bang Empire players!

We're happy to announce that Big Bang Empire is now available for Android devices and also for download on Windows!

Besides the new clients we've also added many additions to the game over the past month:
* With the all-new decoration feature, you're now able to decorate your living room!
* You can find Sensual Room Scents in Missions, which allow you to open Deco Boxes.
* Each Deco Box contains either a new random decoration, or a random epic item.
* In total, you can unlock 218 decorations in 19 categories.
* Other players who look at your profile will see your decorations. In the settings, you can also choose to display your decorations to your opponents during duels, and to yourself in fight missions.

PS: Our big XXXMas event is starting in a few days!

There will be hot specials for the next few weeks. During the Christmas special, from December 1st to 31st, the following features await you:
- Especially festive Christmas missions
- A hot Christmas convention
- A total of 29 sexy Christmas items, 25 of which are available in different colors
- From December 1st to 7th, you can secure hot rewards from the huge Christmas collection event and also access a particularly festive movie set for some steamy Christmas porn.

We hope you enjoy the updated Big Bang Empire!

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Game Update!
08/07/2018 02:56AM

The following changes were deployed today (2018-08-07):
New Features
• Hotter than you can imagine: There's a new Fetish Surprise Box available in the Sex Shop, which contains one of 15 possible items that you haven't collected before. The items are part of three new fetish outfits themed "police", "nurse" and "doctor" that consist of 5 items each.
• Refreshing Dickstarter tasks now also cause the reward to be refreshed.
• The rank a film reached in the Big Bang Awards now will always be displayed in the film history. Before, it was only shown if the rank was within the top 500.

New items for future events and specials have been added:
• 4 new items and one new gadget for female characters have been added.
• 4 new items and one new gadget for male characters have been added.

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  •  Android
  • Version:
  •  1.13
  • Size:
  •  56.7MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  •  November 26, 2018
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:

System Requirements

Android 4.0 or later