Armor Blitz

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Armor Blitz is a mobile and browser game where you assemble a squad of anthropomorphic tank girls from the WWII era and lead them to battle. The world takes place in Valhalla, resting place for the spirits of warriors and weapons. What was once a peaceful afterlife has become a warzone -- the Corruption have entered your world and begun to invade. Collect tank girls to grow your army, upgrade them to get stronger, and take back your land from the evil Corruption. As the newly appointed General, only you can take command and bring victory to the spirits of Valhalla.

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About Armor Blitz

Welcome to Armor Blitz, where you are the General of a fantastical squad of WWII-era tank girls. Enter Valhalla, the afterlife for fallen spirits. When a mysterious force called The Corruption strikes and ravages the lands of Valhalla, it is up to you to take command and push them out. Gather your army of tanks, enhance their capabilities in combat, and play strategically. It's your move, General.

Key Game Features

-Unique Collectible Characters:
Each character you encounter throughout the game is carefully designed with their own history. Each tank and enemy has hints of background coming from their historical past. Level them up and build your relationship status to make them even stronger!

-Strategic Real-time Combat:
We utilize a mixture of traditional collectible card game mechanics with real time combat. Manage your army both on AND off the battlefield.

-Take Control of the Battlefield:
Although you take the role of General, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your army! Use abilities, call in reinforcements, and carefully deploy your tanks to yield victory.

-Engrossing Story-line:
The story is funny, engaging and impressionable. Explore the world of Valhalla, the resting place for warriors.

News and Updates

Armor Blitz: Freedom Day Event
06/27/2018 04:48PM

Freedom Day Event!
July 4th is coming up! Help prepare Rachel’s birthday by collecting fireworks, and hats to unlock Varilyn, the T29 heavy tank! The event starts on June 27th at 8:00 PM ET and ends July 18th ET.

US Tank Special
Boosted drop rates for 5-star tanks in the recruit shop. Special lasts until July 11th at 1:00 PM EDT.
-Daisy (T92 Light Tank)
-Angela (M48 Patton)
-Aria (MBT-70)
-Sarah (Super Pershing)
-Diane (T92 Self Propelled Gun)
-Nira (T30)

Other Changes
-Revenants and Minions added to Portal of Chaos 60+
-Armored Train added to Portal of Chaos 80+
-Cargo Raid Bounty Adjustment: Level 2, 3, and 4 requirements have been reduced (75, 150, 250 battles)
-Adjustment to Enhancement System: Now grants +100% XP boost to make the level up much easier once the character has been tiered up.
-Tier 5 Unit Schematic ingredient costs changed (10k Metal, 25k Currency, 300 BP)

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where new units showed up as uncollected
-Fixed Defender and Overload ability not scaling with AP properly
-Repair All units time sync issues fixed

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Armor Blitz: New Character & Balance Changes
06/06/2018 05:38PM

New Character has been added: Vivia (Mk F5 155mm artillery)
Get her now in the First Deployment Pack this week before she goes into the recruit forever!

Soviet Tank Sale
Boosted drop rates in a recruit from June 6th - June 13
-Nadia (T-34 100)
-Larissa (T-44)
-Yuliya (T-62)
-Alyona (IS-3)
-Zoya (S-51)

New Features
-Story Map unit drops now display if you click the question mark icon before battle start.
-Unit drop rates adjusted throughout the map so you can target specific zones if you want specific characters.

Balance Changes
-Unit AI ability triggers improved. Enemies and allies in auto-battle will now use abilities when it makes sense instead of wasting them.

-Barrage ability: Damage reduced to +130% damage and duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.
-Aegis ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Autoloader ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Assault ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Battalion ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Bombard ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 1 seconds.
-Bulwark ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Conquest ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Defend ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Last Stand ability: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Rapidfire ability: Initial cooldown reduced from 15 to 8 seconds.
-Devastate: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
-Downfall: Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

Bug Fixes
-Rachel's Eagle animation will not show on top of Portal of Chaos victory screen.

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Armor Blitz: French Cuisine Event
05/16/2018 05:55PM

The French Cuisine Event has begun!
Fight battles and collect ingredients to unlock new emblem rewards and two new French tanks! The AMX50 heavy tank and the Lorraine 155 mle artillery. New Emblem of Sight is now available in the exchange, these unique emblems grant +range to equipped tanks.

Hurry! The event starts from May 16th and ends June 6th 12:00 AM GMT.

Balance Changes:
-Rotation substat reduced from 1.111 -> 0.8. Main stat remains the same.
-Rotation Emblem stats are now flat value bonus instead of percentages.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed the DPS calculation issue that factored in Accuracy over 100.
-Fixed bug that caused emblem main stat numbers to show too many decimals.
-Fixed shard boss’ damage scaling.
-Fixed sizing issue with bulk resource collection windows.
-Fixed unit lock button not working.

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  •  Android
  • Version:
  •  1.4.1-nutaku_release
  • Size:
  •  70.0MB
  • Languages:
  •  English
  • Release Date:
  •  December 21, 2017
  • Publisher:
  •  Armor Blitz
  • Developer:
  •  HaiNet

System Requirements

Android Firmware 4.4+
1.5gb+ RAM
Reference device: Galaxy S4 and above