Armor Blitz

Strategy RTS Lane Battle

Armor Blitz is a mobile and browser game where you assemble a squad of anthropomorphic tank girls from the WWII era and lead them to battle. The world takes place in Valhalla, resting place for the spirits of warriors and weapons. What was once a peaceful afterlife has become a warzone -- the Corruption have entered your world and begun to invade. Collect tank girls to grow your army, upgrade them to get stronger, and take back your land from the evil Corruption. As the newly appointed General, only you can take command and bring victory to the spirits of Valhalla.

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About Armor Blitz

Welcome to Armor Blitz, where you are the General of a fantastical squad of WWII-era tank girls. Enter Valhalla, the afterlife for fallen spirits. When a mysterious force called The Corruption strikes and ravages the lands of Valhalla, it is up to you to take command and push them out. Gather your army of tanks, enhance their capabilities in combat, and play strategically. It's your move, General.

Key Features

-Unique Collectible Characters:
Each character you encounter throughout the game is carefully designed with their own history. Each tank and enemy has hints of background coming from their historical past. Level them up and build your relationship status to make them even stronger!

-Strategic Real-time Combat:
We utilize a mixture of traditional collectible card game mechanics with real time combat. Manage your army both on AND off the battlefield.

-Take Control of the Battlefield:
Although you take the role of General, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your army! Use abilities, call in reinforcements, and carefully deploy your tanks to yield victory.

-Engrossing Story-line:
The story is funny, engaging and impressionable. Explore the world of Valhalla, the resting place for warriors.

News and Updates

Armor Blitz: Christmas Isle Event
12/12/2018 04:55PM

Hello Generals,

Welcome back to the Armor Blitz Christmas season! The holidays are in full swing as tank girls and nekos across the land have begun buying presents for their friends and loved ones. But something is amiss . . . and it’s up to you to solve it!

There’s multiple paths that you can fight to earn Candy Canes and Ornaments. Of course, normal battles, Invasions, and Portal of Chaos will also provide Jingle Bells, the main resource. Use these three resources to help save Christmas. Santa needs your help! The units we have as Christmas exclusives this year are:

Lena, T-54 5-star, Medium (New Character)
Katyusha, Katyusha 5-star, Artillery
Polina, ASU-57 5-star, Tank Destroyer
Eliza, PT-76 5-star, Light Tank
Ulyana, Object 279 5-star, Heavy
Irina, KV-8 4-star, Heavy (flamethrower)

QoL Changes
Some of the QoL changes we’ve heard have been implemented. Reserve slots can now be expanded up to 200. This should accommodate the new units that were added to the game since launch.

Also, with screens getting wider (Samsung, Apple, LG, etc.), we took the time to adapt our screen resolutions to scale properly. So if you own one of those phones with up to 18.5:9 resolution, then you can play on fullscreen mode! Please report back if there are any issues that we didn’t catch.

Lastly, emblem batch selection is available in the recycle screen. This will let you recycle a lot of those low tier emblems a bit faster.

Patch notes
New Features:
Christmas event is on! All previous Christmas characters are available through the event.
Christmas tanks are available in Recruiting! That includes the KV-8 flamethrower heavy in the 4-star category.
New tank, Lena the T-54 5-star is now available in the Christmas event!
QoL Changes:
Maximum Reserve Slots are now 200. You can upgrade your reserve capacity in the Army Screen -> Reserves tab.
Adapted Armor Blitz UI to wide screen phones (18.5 : 9 resolution)
Emblem filtering feature in recycle screen to batch select all of 1, 2, or 3-star emblems.
Balance Changes:
KV-5 Armor base value increased 54 -> 58, scaling increased 1.74 -> 1.92
KV-5 HP base value decreased 525 -> 475, scaling decreased 115 -> 97
Tyrant accuracy decreased 130 -> 110
Bug Fixes:
Small visual bug fixes

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Armor Blitz: Fowl of the Apocalypse
11/14/2018 04:11PM

Hello Generals, the Fowl of the Apocalypse Event is back!

Hunt down corrupted turkeys and unlock Tessa, the T95 GMC, and Julie, the M3 Halftrack, to lead your forces to victory!

New Features:
- Thanksgiving Event! Fowl of the Apocalypse is now active. Fight off the evil turkeys to earn Tessa (T95) and Julie (M3 Halftrack)
- Julie, M3 Halftrack is introduced with a unique ability, Reinforcements! Call in three cat infantry to support the team. She also provides a significant buff to all infantry around her.
- Sophia, the KV5 is now Enhanceable version + Relationship is now available. Feed her candy to unlock the story!

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Armor Blitz: Haunted Isles Return!
10/10/2018 04:51PM

Hi Generals,

Welcome back to another year of investigating the Haunted Isles. Edna and Minnie are safe and sound within the base, but when Halloween rolls around, they begin to get uneasy! Something about the Haunted Isles seems to draw their attention? When asking them what they would like from this year’s Halloween, you will discover what they really think about the Haunted Isle. The event will last until Oct. 31st at 1:00pm EDT.

In addition to the event, we’ve made some balancing changes you can read up on below, and also added new skins for the Maus and Thor!

New Features:
– Flammpanzer 38, Wendy is the newest addition to our flame tank roster! She’s a 5-star Tank Destroyer with huge damage and support potential. (Wholesome story, no lewd!)
– Haunted Isles Halloween Event is active. Satan, Panzerwerfer, T-100, and the brand new Flammpanzer 38 are now available!

– Fortress has +5 sec duration at all tiers
– Last Stand is now reusable on 120 sec. cooldown
– Enhanced Black Prince now has passive skill Suppress 5
– Retaliate skill (AMX-50) evasion increased from 15% -> 20%. Cooldown decreased 60 sec -> 45 sec

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  •  Android
  • Version:
  •  1.4.13_nutaku-release
  • Size:
  •  73.9MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  •  December 21, 2017
  • Publisher:
  •  Nutaku Publishing
  • Developer:
  •  HaiNet

System Requirements

Android Firmware 4.4+
1.5gb+ RAM
Reference device: Galaxy S4 and above