Your Troops Need You!

  • Nutaku
  • 06/12/2017
  • Game Launch
Girls on Tanks

The highly expected strategic war game, Girls on Tanks, has officially launched on Nutaku. Inspired by the very popular turn-based action game, Advance Wars, this new title launches players in the middle of turmoil. With specific missions and unexpected erotic twists, it will be up to you to save the world from evil and oppression. Get ready for battle here, General. For great war strategies without mature content, enter here.

After the devastating Heartland Battle, the world was left in a constant state of war. Suddenly, there was a shift in conflict when the most powerful minerals were discovered by the forces of Nimeria. These super powerful Crystals have the ability to create an indestructible army, and the army of Winter's Blood want them. As the power hungry villains, their devious plan is to use the powerful minerals to create the strongest weapons and take over the world. As Winter's Blood Army is advancing from the north, you will have to defend all the mineral extraction points. Luckily, the blue units have you as their General. Equipped with knowledge of advanced war strategies, you will train your soldiers, manage war funds and command a wide range of military forces including Rocket Artillery, Motorbikes, Bombers and Helicopters.

Girls on Tanks

Begin your journey, as General, in Fraternity Hills, where you will notice several wars erupting. One battle at a time, defeat the opponents as you take on different missions including taking over their headquarters or eliminating all their soldiers. Whether the opponents have more troops or equipment, you will notice each battle getting more difficult. As you get to know your soldiers, however, you will be able to strategically choose which women will be the most fitting for each mission- a soldier may be able to take away two HP away from the opposing army whereas another may provide additional war funds. Once on the battlefield, you will be able to determine how much damage each soldier can deal before attacking. Evidently, one of your soldiers will deal less damage if they are injured. After each mission, you will be given a medal based on your battle score that considers your speed, strength and technique of the round. Use your best war strategies to obtain higher ranking medals to increase your rewards and your loyalty with your soldiers.

Girls on Tanks

Your army is comprised of the toughest and the most stunning female Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants. Ready to fight under your command, their loyalty increases as you win battles. Every soldier will repay you for your services in ways you cannot imagine, but you have to make sure to give them attention! They will tease you with their words and then beg for your command. Not only will you get to see the breathtaking scenes with your stunning troops but you'll be able to interact with them as well. At certain levels, be sure to open free gachas to level up your troops or obtain other rewards. Getting extra cards of same officer will grant you loyalty points for that officer, getting you closer to unlocking their sexy scenes.

Another way to help your troops is to collect rewards from the War Factions. Every week, you can join one of four factions, along with thousands of other players. Not knowing who else is in the faction or the ranking of the faction, you have to try your best to win as many battles as possible. At the end of the week, the Faction with the highest ranking gets all the rewards and the other Factions get nothing! All you need are tickets to enter the Faction War Game Mode to get the chance to collect the ultimate rewards.

Are you ready, General?

Your troops are waiting here.

Girls on Tanks Girls on Tanks Girls on Tanks

Off to battle,
The Nutaku Team