Nutaku's Year In Review

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  • 2/6/2015
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Hello and welcome to the Nutaku Blog! We're debuting this new feature to help us better reach out to players about upcoming games, website features, and our collective thoughts on the adult gaming industry. As those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook know, communicating with fans has been a big priority for us since day one, so watch this space for some direct talk on the highs and lows of our project.

Let's begin with a retrospective!

When Nutaku launched in December 2014 with a single game, Lord of Valkyrie, and a handful of players, it looked like success would be a long time coming. Now, with the site barely a year old, we've already registered our 1,500,000th member. That's an incredible milestone for the project that means, as far as we can tell, Nutaku is now the largest dedicated adult gaming site on the internet.

Best of all, we've achieved this objective despite a modest advertising budget: Nutaku's rapid growth can almost entirely be credited to positive word-of-mouth from our fans! So a big “thank-you” to those players who looked at our games, decided they were fun, and shared them with your friends, both offline and around the web. You guys certainly aren't shy.

The driving engine of the site's growth is unquestionably the great games brought to us from around the world. As of December, the five games with the most active daily users are:

Significantly, the top five list includes a mainstream game on as well as a title produced by one of our western development partners. That's an encouraging sign and confirmation that we should continue to seek out titles from all over the globe.

Before this turns into a paean to the success of Nutaku, we can also say that the past year has seen its fair share of challenges. There's been some tough talk regarding things we don't have much control over, like game balance and event rewards. We've also earned some rightly-deserved criticism over things that are our responsibility, such as site stability and game localization choices.

That said, there's been an enormous improvement in the past few months in server stability, as well as a lot of new enthusiasm on the part of our game developer partners as the project has begun to take off. You've seen the results of that new commitment in games like Aigis, where the frequency of events is now back-to-back, or PeroPero, where important mission cards have entered the free gacha. You've also seen our determination to provide greater stability with last month's launch of Hitsuji Chronicle, where you play a crusading warrior-of-light bent on making some (sexy) converts to your cause.

There's still a lot of work to be done - from delivering mobile versions of our most popular games to bringing some extremely hot new titles to you. A year ago we wrote that we want Nutaku to be THE site for adult gaming on the internet, and that means ramping up our efforts tremendously - including some ambitious plans that we'll discuss in future posts.

So come back next week and hear some of our plans for the year ahead!

All the best,
The Nutaku Team