X-Overd Launches on Nutaku

  • Nutaku
  • 11/25/2016
  • Game Launch
X-Overd Game

The game developers at SuperHippo have done it again with their excellent localization of X-Overd, a turn-based strategy game originally developed by Japanese gaming giant DMM! Now available for the first time to English-speaking audiences, this new edition of X-Overd is a Nutaku-exclusive title that will be directly maintained by the dedicated SuperHippo team.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world of high fantasy, X-Overd challenges players to explore a land where memories of a formerly prosperous civilization are fading fast. In its place, a dark power responsible for the precursor’s downfall is rising to prominence. Alongside a team of enthusiastic companions outfitted with ancient-tech airship, adventurers will scour the skies of the world of Lunartis and uncover the secrets of their world, clearing dungeons and collecting more party members as they advance through three distinct kingdoms.

Gameplay consists of challenging dungeon crawls aimed at ridding the land of troublesome monsters. Both heroes and their beastial opponents have elemental associations that must be mastered to ensure success - be it fire, wood, thunder, water, light, or dark - and by choosing your heroes to counter these traits, foes can swiftly be destroyed. Players will also have the option of deciding just how much individual attention they wish to put into each fight, with the option of using an auto-battle feature to swiftly clear groups of easy enemies.

X-Overd also offers a deep crafting and inventory management system in the style of Kanpani Girls, with the airships kitchen and forge available for the crafting of items. By collecting materials during the course of an adventure, players will be able to craft and upgrade the quality of their items, outfitting teams with items that provide unique advantages on the battlefield. Crafting provides tremendous advantages and shouldn’t be left for later in the game - one of the first items available gives a 30% boost to character XP gains, which is crucial for keeping your heroes strong into the mid-game.

X-Overd Game

X-Overd features an intricately structured gameworld with intriguing, well-written lore. Though the game page gives a basic breakdown of the exotic nations and their inhabitants, the best way to explore Lunartis is to experience it for yourself: characters will reveal their backstories and motivations as you progress through the adventure, sharing hints at their nation’s priorities and revealing information on the hidden threat that lurks beneath the surface of the world.

X-Overd Game

Like all of the online browser games offered on Nutaku, X-Overd is free to play but offers extra rolls for the character gacha to those who support the developer by purchasing premium currency. There’s no content in the game that’s unavailable to free players (we love you guys too), though it’s going to take a lot of luck to collect the team of beautiful waifus you’ve been dreaming of.

We hope you’ll give X-Overd a try and let SuperHippo know what you think of it!

All the best,
The Nutaku Team