Stress Awareness Month - Nutaku's Top Stress Relieving Activities

Stress Reducing Activities
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Nutaku’s back at it again with another Stress Awareness blog for our fav gamers to keep being the best versions of themselves! Let’s face it. You can’t always avoid stress, but you can definitely find ways to minimize and deal with it effectively. This is exactly why, this week, we’ve got you covered with activities that can help you get your mind off the downers, and even make you become more productive (when you’re not busy playing your favorite hentai games , of course ). Keep reading to get inspired and turn your sour lemons into sweet lemonade.

Stress Reducing Activities

Running/ Physical Activity

Whether you like it or not, exercise can significantly enhance your mood along with your overall health. Ever heard of “runner’s high”? Well, that refers to the mood boost you experience right after performing physical activity, thanks to a trigger called endorphins. If you push yourself just enough, you’ll be sure to encounter these “feel-good” chemicals.

Stress Reducing Activities Running/ Physical Activity


Yoga is a more relaxed type of physical activity that could help with fatigue, anxiety and depression. Oh and increasing your flexibility is a bonus Having trouble sleeping? Try meditating!

Stress Reducing Activities Yoga/Meditation

Getting in touch with nature

Sometimes, the simplest way to detox is to inhale some fresh air and get in touch with earth’s surface. It's no secret that those who make necessary changes as small as taking walks in the park, have proven to show reduced anxiety. change this sentence. Bringing your pet on a walk in nature is also great for your mental health!

Stress Reducing Activities Getting in touch with nature


Cooking or baking is known to be a therapeutic way to deal with stress and reduce blood pressure. Besides, who doesn’t love to indulge in delicious creations of their own labour? Check out last week’s blog on best mood & libido boosting foods to help you create the ultimate stress fighting meal.

Stress Reducing Activities Cook/Bake

Pick up gardening

Who knew that having a green thumb would be so calming? There's just something about nurturing growth, and being in the moment that makes you feel at peace. Not to mention, the sunlight that you’re exposed to gives you the vitamin D necessary to improve your mood.

Stress Reducing Activities Pick up gardening
Stress Reducing Activities Pick up gardening

Create artwork

Beating stress by being creative can help you process your emotions more clearly. Creating art may even be a therapeutic coping mechanism that allows you to discover your true talents!

Stress Reducing Activities Create artwork

Play music/instruments

We all have specific songs that we put on repeat to match our respective moods as they vary. There’s nothing like dancing or singing to our favorite tracks to shift our frame of minds. Since we’re on the creative flow here, why not try out an instrument and create music as an outlet to release our tension? Who knows, you might just end up creating some hits and quitting your day job :/

Stress Reducing Activities Play music/instruments


Reading can help you forget about your current burdens and worries by bringing you to another worldly dimension. We recommend that you pick up something that you enjoy and that uplifts your mood instead of a read that might trigger negative emotions, if you’re going through a tense moment.

Stress Reducing Activities Read


Did you really expect us to leave out one of the best stress relievers of all time? Don’t worry, we saved the best for last. Not only does fulfilling your erotic desires turn a good day to great, but it is scientifically proven to have health benefits (if performed safely, of course). Masturbation is no exception to this. If you want a good night’s sleep, a healthy glow, or even a possible cure to your migraine, a good orgasm might be all you need.

Stress Reducing Activities Sex/Masturbation

Remember, Nutakrew, self-care is crucial to living your best life, which is why we encourage you to try out any of these tips to get you through the road bumps. Stay tuned for more guidance regarding Stress Awareness Month, and in the meantime, feel free to let us know your favorite stress relieving techniques @NutakuGames!