This Is Why You Didn't Go On Vacation This Week

Summer Sale

You’ll be very happy to know you didn’t spend a lot of money on a mediocre vacation when you find out that Nutaku just launched a Super Hot Summer Sale! Until August 1st, you need to be at home to take advantage of the countless free-to-play games that have amazing sales, deals, and promotions. No one wants to be at the beach during Nutaku’s Super Hot Summer Sale because there are also over 60 downloadable games up to 75% off.

Among the browser games that are part of Nutaku’s Mega Summer Sale, you should take note of the following deals:

Armor Blitz has 100% Drop Rate Increase for your Allied Troops.

Join Crush Crush’s scavenger hunt for a unique hidden item, every day. With a limit of 24 hours to find them, you’ll be spending plenty of time with your lovely ladies, advancing you in the game.

Get with more sexy babes in Harem Heroes when you get 50% off Stamina refills and New Quests.

Summer Sale

Also, if you haven’t played one of the following titles, their current sales will give you a healthy start in the game:

You don't want to miss out on Attack on Moe-H in-games bonuses. For this week only, increase your chances at obtaining a Super Hero Gacha, get a free Moetifact with purchase and get 30% more Rebirth Crystals.

Flower Knight Girl has an impressive 25% discount on selected Flower Gem Packages and another 75% off of Special Gachas where you can pick one of your favorite 6 Star Flower Knight Girl!

No matter how much gold you have, you need to get your hands on one of 7 Special Packs that are up to 50% off in Ultra Adventure! Go Go Osawari Island

Summer Sale

The Super Hot Summer Sale doesn’t end there! Don’t miss out on over 60 downloadable titles that are up to 75% off.

The newly released Battle Girls is 15% off

Elisa the Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives is 50% off

The visual novel, Sword of Asumi is 75% off!

And so much more!

Summer Sale

But wait, it gets even hotter! Nutaku just released new branded tees and they are on sale!

Summer Sale

There are almost 100 games that are part of the Super Hot Summer Sale- take a look at all of them here

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