The Gaming Ground x Sacred Sword Princesses

I think that I might have just played the best game that’s to be found on Nutaku’s platform (at least for now). So which game am I speaking of? Well, the game in question would be no other than HOPE and Superhippo’s fantasy RPG/visual novel/harem game, Sacred Sword Princesses! A game which I’ve been playing non-stop since its launch. Sacred Sword Princesses dropped on the 16th of March in Europe, which we’re very happy about!

This is what the world map of Sacred Sword Princesses looks like (the game takes place in the land of Midgardia).

I’ve realized quickly enough that Sacred Sword Princesses has a lot to offer in terms of game content and guilty pleasures. Speaking of guilty pleasures... ***SPOILER WARNING! *** I bet you’ve never played a game where the sacred sword is actually a guy’s joystick? Well, that just happens to be the case in Sacred Sword Princesses, just to make matters even better.

There are plenty of hot babes for you to get laid with in SSP, and all of the lewd scenes are presented through a very well-made and beautiful visual novel-like interface.

You (the main character) have ended up in a fantasy-like world where every single human being is a hot female. Furthermore, most of them want you to insert your “sacred sword” into their love box. Why? Because of two simple reasons 1. To fight the mistress of Night and her evil beasts and monsters who have been terrorizing the land of Midgardia (that’s where the game takes place) and 2. To give the females of Midgardia the best sex that they have ever experienced.

Yep, I wasn’t joking when I said that there are no males in the world of Midgardia. So that means that you (the player) are THE only male in all of Midgardia (heaven here I come! And come a lot I shall!).

Here’s the thing, though. When you start off the game, you pretty much get the impression that the character you’re playing is some sort of a “loser”. My point would be that I didn’t expect that kind of character to get anywhere with the ladies. However, it turns out that the guy just won the sexy time heaven jackpot.

You see, as I mentioned earlier. The world of Midgardia is populated by females only (unless you count the evil monsters). This means that you could actually end up having sex with all of them (minus the really old ones, but I would just skip them anyways...), and I’ll have you know that it felt like experiencing an interactive high-quality hentai movie while the lewd scenes kicked-off on my screen (the lewd content is presented throughout the game via a handful of visual novel-like scenes).

This is my baby girl and top-tier waifu, Meryl :3 There are plenty of other girls whom you could summon throughout the game. However, I still like Meryl the most.

So since the lewd content is so well-made, you get truly motivated to level up your all-female squad so that you can get laid with all of them (or see them all nude, for that matter). I would also like to point out that Sacred Sword Princesses has managed to balance out its lewd content with level grinding, monster slaying, squad pimping and story-telling really well.

In other words, you won’t end up being bored, as the game keeps you motivated by giving you rewards in the shape of new gear, items, spells, hot females, lewd scenes and much more! Furthermore, the game’s story, dialogs and interesting characters make you want to know more about everything around you (the world of Midgardia, and everything in it).

SSP’s character system might just be the most advanced one that I’ve ever seen in a free-to-play browser game. I mean, there are literally tons of things for you to play around with (items, weapons, stats, upgrades and whatnot).

As for the battle aspects of Sacred Sword Princesses. Well, try picturing a mix of DOTA 2 (the actual fighting part), Diablo 3 (the look and feel of the game made me think about D3) and Shining Force (the level up system), then you've got Sacred Sword Princesses. Even so, the battles are very simple and straight forward in SSP.

The 3D graphics are pretty darn awesome in SSP (the same could also be said for most SSP’s other visuals). Furthermore, the battles are fun and rather addicting.

So much so, that just about anyone could jump straight into a battle in SSP without having to worry all that much about how to play the game, because there are no complicated rules, controls or such to be learned. As of a matter of fact, you pick up everything you need to learn in just a couple of minutes.

You guessed it. Yes, you can even forge stuff in SSP, and that includes everything from weapons, and armor to special items (you can even tear stuff apart for metal scrap and whatnot).

This means that you should be ready to take on the evil that threatens to wipe out Midgardia in the blink of an eye! Don’t get too cocky though (I could make a dirty joke about the Sword here, but I’ll let it slide for this time), because later on in the game things will get rather rough, and I’m not talking about all the rough sex that you will experience. It’s also a matter of picking the right gear, squad, tactics and finding a play style that suits you the best.

There are so many things that you can buy in SSP, and thanks to daily rewards, loot and battle rewards. There is always a reason for you to come back to the game’s shop.

Nevertheless, all in all, Sacred Sword Princesses is a really fun, beautiful and addicting fantasy RPG/visual novel/harem game. So if you like games of that kind, then don’t miss out SSP!

+ Awesome graphics, artwork and designs
+ The voice acting is on point (everything is in 100% Japanese)
+ The lewd scenes are very well done
+ There are tons of babes that you could get laid with
+ Build your own harem of sexy females and tons of lewd scenes
+ The battles are fun and rather addicting
+ Every character has her own set of unique attacks and special skills
+ You can upgrade and pick your own squad
+ Multiplatform support (you can play the game on both PC and smartphone)
+ Tons of different items, weapons, armors, spells and whatnot for you to play around with
+ Well-written dialogs and an interesting plot
+ There are so many hot chicks to play with that I've lost count! (You can get them all by trying your luck at summoning them)
+ It's really cool to switch between every character's 3D and CG profile avatar
+ 100% free-to-play!

- Server connection errors (sometimes you have to log in and out again in order to play the game)
- Battle bugs (at times, the game freezes when you've won a battle)
- Some battles and stages might feel a bit repetitive
- I did experience some controller issues from time to time (it could happen when you switch between "autoplay", "joystick" and "assisted attack")