The Gaming Ground x Nutaku Attack on Moe H Review

Yes, it’s finally time for me to review another lewd game ;) And this time I’ve spent hours with the sexy, cute and lewd RPG clicker Attack on Moe H (I played the game via browser for PC). Well, right off the bat, the game looks and feels like a mix of “Chrono Trigger” (the pixel graphics and the main character of the game), “Attack on Titan” (the big and sexy female bosses) and Pokémon (all the creatures that you face, and all those cute and sexy moespirits that you collect).


So I did feel right at home from the very start. However, I did notice something that I’m not used to at all when it comes to RPGs. You see, the bosses and enemies won’t attack you. Nope. Instead, it’s all about slaying everything that comes in your way as fast as possible while collecting gold, crystals and whatever else that you can get your hands on. So it’s a good thing that you can use your gold to upgrade your main character and other characters you may have at your disposal (yes, you can unlock a whole bunch of different characters, which can help you on the battlefield).

Boss fight

As for the boss fights that I mentioned earlier - if you don’t beat the boss(es) before the countdown clock reaches zero, then you will have to fight the said boss from the very beginning again (you will face a wide range of different mini bosses and full-blown gigantic bosses). This is also why it’s very important to use your gold wisely, because sometimes it might be a better idea to upgrade your special attacks or to simply upgrade your main character’s main attack. As that very upgrade could make or break your chance of beating that one boss who just won’t die no matter how hard you try to kill the bastard off.

Sexy lady

I would also say that luck plays a pretty big role in “Attack on Moe H” as well, since you get a chance to shoot down some flying chests every now and then (the game is played with mouse and keyboard. You simply click on the hovering chests for them to drop down to the ground). So if you’re lucky, then you could end up getting some free gold coins, crystals, hearts (you use hearts to strip down the sexy moespirit ladies), or other neat items.


Speaking of items and whatnot, you use the following currencies in “Attack on Moe H”:
- Gold (you can upgrade your characters with the help of gold)
- Crystals (you can craft unique moetifacts with crystals)
- Gems (you use gems to buy hearts, gempowers or different in-game items. You can also revive fallen heroes)
- Hearts (you use hearts to strip down the moespirit babes)
- Tickets (you can unlock different in-game items and whatnot with the help of tickets)


So as you might imagine, there are quite a lot of items, bosses, enemies and things to do in “Attack on Moe H”. Especially since you’ve got over 2,000 stages (yes, you read it right the first time, 2000!) to play through (I’m only at stage 133 right now). Even so, the biggest motivator by far, for you to keep on slaying wave after wave of monsters, and even more monsters, would be the fact that you get to see every single smoking hot moespirit nude.

As a matter of fact, you can go through every moespirit babe that you have collected and see them naked whenever you feel like it (in a way, that aspect of the game made me think about the sexy cards from “The Witcher” series). Anyways, I think you get the idea. So all the above of which I have just mentioned keeps you motivated enough to keep coming back to “Attack on Moe H” over and over again.

Moe spirit

It’s also worth pointing out that, later on in the game, your heroes can actually die if you don’t play out your cards (“tactics”) fast and well enough. Sure, you can bring back your fallen heroes from the realms of death. However, you will have to pay a handful of crystals per fallen hero, because the only other option is to wait a couple of hours for the said hero(es) to return to the world of the living again.


Other than that though, you don’t have to worry all that much about anything else. Then again, all of that may change when you reach beyond stage 200. Nevertheless, most people will understand the basics of “Attack on Moe H” in just a couple of minutes. So it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to even if the challenges vary a bit later on in the game.

So, all in all, I have to say that “Attack on Moe H” is a very good and entertaining RPG clicker. The lewd content, graphics, and artwork are truly topnotch. That’s also why I would recommend “Attack on Moe H” to everyone who loves the idea of playing a lewd RPG clicker that offers tons of hot babes, many hours of gameplay value, and replayability.

Gem power

Yes, you guessed it. I’m most likely going to work my ass off to get all the sexy women in the game all naked :3

+ Very charming and beautiful pixel-like graphics
+ Plenty of heroes to unlock
+ Tons of items to discover and buy
+ The lewd content is on point
+ Topnotch characters and artwork
+ You can collect tons of different moespirits (sexy girls)
+ The game is very addicting
+ You get a handful of different special attacks to pick from
+ 2000 stages
+ Every character in the game can level up and get better skills

- Eternal grinding
- The boss and enemies won’t attack you (it’s just your heroes that can die)
- It takes forever to strip down the ladies unless you are lucky or buy a lot of crystals
- I did experience some disconnection issues at times