The 5 Reasons You Need to Play Armor Blitz

  • Nutaku
  • 08/03/2017
  • Game Launch
Armor Blitz

The real-time strategy game, Armor Blitz, can be found on many platforms, but without any adult content. Within a four month period, the developers added sexy scenes to the title in order to launch on Nutaku. After reaching almost 40,000 pre-registrations, Armor Blitz launched on the adult gaming platform and has kept its position in the top 10 free-to-play games since its launch. But what is it about this browser game that keeps players coming back? Other than daily login rewards and cute anime tank girls, let’s take a look at 5 reasons you need to play Armor Blitz.

  1. Historically Accurate

    The Armor Blitz characters are for every military fanatic. Taking place in Valhalla, the afterlife for the fallen warriors and brave souls, history’s most recent world wars have caused the spirits of mighty tanks and armored vehicles to manifest as cute and powerful girls. Every character accurately represents an army tank from 20th century wars. For example, the M5 Stuart served The United States of America in World War II. This tank now rests in Valhalla, where she is renamed Stella and loves Fruit Salad. The best part of these tanks is that you can develop relationships with them- so if you didn’t already love them before, you can definitely love them now.

    Armor Blitz
  2. More Than Dropping

    Players must drag and drop their troops on the battlefield to fight against The Corruption, a never-ending darkness. But Armor Blitz’ gameplay is more than just dragging and dropping. After gaining enough Gear to deploy a troop, you do not just watch your army fight. As the newly appointed General of the United Army, you manage the troops as well as help fight on the battlefield. It is up to you to activate your tanks’ special abilities. Without you, your army may not have enough power to defeat the enemy commander. You also have to decide when your army needs assistance. With a limit of three charges, it is crucial to set off the canon at the right times. Crucial decision making battle allows players to engage in the war instead of just watching the outcome after dropping a troop onto the battlefield.

    Armor Blitz
  3. Introducing The Factory

    A unique element of Armor Blitz is the Factory. Not only can you unlock new units but you make your own tanks and upgrade existing tanks as well. Throughout the game you will collect oil, metal and currency which you’ll be able to use to construct your own tank. The construction time will depend on the rarity of the character, but you can speed up the process by using Cores. Even after constructing your own tanks, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade the characters that have not yet been equipped. Once the tanks have run their course, you can exchange them for currency. Players are very much involved in the maintenance and recruitment of the army. It gives gamers a deeper connection to the anime tanks and more control over the outcome of the battles.

    Armor Blitz
  4. The Wishing Wheel

    One of the best parts of Armor Blitz is the Wishing Wheel. It is probably the most random part of the game, but once a day, players get an extra prize in addition to the daily reward. All you need to do is spin a wheel that will land on one of the yummy prizes. You can win candies that will help your relationships with the cute anime girl tanks, a super rare character to add to your army, or metal to help construct a new unit. Players are only allowed one free spin per day but for only 100 Cores, you can spin it again and get another chance at a better prize.

    Armor Blitz
  5. The AB Community

    The developers of Armor Blitz have set up an online community that several have already joined. Armor Blitz fans can stay updated by following the game on Facebook and Twitter. For example, the developers just announced the release of a new M8 Scott named Mila on their social network.

    Armor Blitz fans also get to discuss the game in full detail on the Armor Blitz Discord Channel that you can join here. Get the opportunity to discuss characters, game strategies and game events with other loyal fans.

These are my reasons for loving Armor Blitz, what is your favorite part of this game?

Armor Up,
The Nutaku Team

Armor Blitz