The 4 Reasons Nutaku Had Such A Crazy Month In June

A Crazy Month In June

Nutaku launches high-quality games on the adult gaming platform every month- but not as many as in June! Nutaku also had a surprise sale and prepared for the biggest Anime Convention in North American. Let’s review the top reasons Nutaku had the craziest month!

  1. Most Games Launched Within A One Month Period

    Nutaku launched the most games within June of 2017 than any other month since the platform launched in January 2015. With three browser and four downloadable games debuting on the platform, Nutaku introduced some of the most diverse titles last month.

    Nutaku launched free-to-play clickers Attack on Moe and Fap Titans as well as turn-based strategy war game Girls on Tanks. Fap Titans earned a spot in the top 10 free-to-play games on Nutaku and the clicker remains in the top 10 today. The platform also launched visual novels Crimson Gray, Eddy Bear, Mutiny!! and Elisa the Innkeeper-A New Customer Arrives! Thousands of players were intrigued by the unique features of each title. For example, Mutiny!! has an elaborate story that features different fetish themes like Monster Girls and Futanari, which in unlike anything else on the adult platform.

    A Crazy Month In June
  2. Most Pre-Registrations Within A One Month Period

    Nutaku opens a limited pre-registration period before a title debuts on the platform. This provides players with bonus rewards for when the game launches, usually helping them get a head start in the game.

    In June, pre-registration started for Fap Titans, Armor Blitz, Narborion, and Kingdoms of Lust. Armor Blitz had over 35,000 sign-ups for when the game released earlier this month. Fortunately, Kingdoms of Lust and Narborion still have open pre-registrations! Players will receive 200 000 Diamonds and 555 items to help them take over the Kingdoms of Lust when gamers pre-register. Players can also re-register for Narborion to advance their journey to the enchantress. Players will receive an exclusive Blade of Magic and Honor in addition to 20 Power Gems when the game launches later this summer.

    A Crazy Month In June
  3. The Surprise Sakura Sale

    For one week only, the very popular Sakura Nova, Sakura Space, Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Fantasy and Sakura Swim Club, were up to 70% off. The downloadable games are renowned for their light-hearted storylines that dive right into the plot. The games quickly introduce character personalities, drama, and sexuality, pulling players right into the heat of the action.

    The titles follow beautiful heroines in wildly creative adventures- the protagonist from Sakura Space is fulfilling a bounty job whereas the main female characters from Sakura Nova are aspiring knights. The series’ is also known for its stunning art of curvy hentai woman who have fascinating sexual desires.

    It is no wonder that fans from all over the world didn't waste time completing their Sakura collection!

    A Crazy Month In June
  4. Announcing Nutaku's Presence at AX

    In June, Nutaku announced the platform’s attendance at the largest anime and manga convention in North America. Located in Los Angeles, California, fans from all over the world gather at the L.A. Convention Center for four days of panels, workshops, gaming, cosplay events and industry celebrities.

    At the convention, Nutaku got to meet thousands of gamers interested in the platform. They also held a panel with the Armor Blitz team and even had a contest where the top prize was to develop a character for the recently released game, Armor Blitz!

    A Crazy Month In June

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