'Sengoku Providence: Battle of the Three Kingdoms' Nears Release

  • Nutaku
  • 12/6/2016
  • Game Update

Oda, Hideyoshi, Tokugawa: names that echo through the ages of Japanese history and evoke the tumultuous drama of the Warring States era. This turbulent period of conflict produced some of the greatest sagas of the samurai, with clashing armies and stealthy assassins striving to secure the title of Shogun for competing warlords. The men who vied for this position were cunning, ruthless, and hard as steel...

... but what if they were adorable teenage girls?

Sengoku Providence Game Sengoku Providence Game

Sengoku Providence’s Hideyoshi is a considerable improvement over the original

In the finest tradition of DMM games, Sengoku Providence injects a supercharged dose of anime cuteness into the veins of an otherwise serious subject, turning the rampaging daimyo of the Warring States period into demanding teenage drama queens. These reinvented warlords are just as ambitious as their historical counterparts, but now they’re wielding a healthy dose of waifu charm alongside their katanas. Better yet, they’re willing to reward your service with more than just land and titles: win their affection through challenging quests and you’ll soon find yourself “serving” in the bedroom as well.

To kick off Sengoku Providence, players will take on the role of a Ronin, one of the masterless samurai striving to prove their worth and be taken into service by one of the great houses of Japan. Wandering the land will bring you into conflict with bandits and monsters, but also provides the opportunity to recruit allies and form your own fighting band of “Senki”; the warrior princesses that are the key to growing renown. With a loyal band of warriors ready to take on the enemy, players will swiftly advance through the single-player campaign and unlock both the “total war” and “guild war” features.

Sengoku Providence Game

These two competitive game modes are where Sengoku Providence really begins to shine. The first, total war, is unlocked after finishing the 7th chapter of any story campaign and allows a continuous battle mode that rewards players in valuable experience and resources. The longer a party can endure the gruelling fighting, the greater the reward at the end, providing an endlessly escalating challenge that rewards the longest lasting competitors with some truly stellar benefits.

The second challenge mode, guild wars, is an epic player-versus-player battle where rival guilds will face off in deadly showdowns. For four hours each day a period of conflict will open, allowing opponents to attack enemies, support guildmates in fights, or pray for their guild’s victory. At the end of the day they’ll receive medals equivalent to their contribution, which can be exchanged for unique Senki, as well as bragging rights over defeated enemies and top-ranking guild rewards.

Sengoku Providence Game

Like all DMM games, Sengoku Providence will be free-to-play, with zero content behind a paywall. A premium-currency gacha will be offered to players who are hungry to get their perfect Senki companion, with premium currency available as both a mission reward and through purchases of Nutaku gold. Limited power-ups will also be available during the frequent in-game events, where unique challenge missions will allow access to one-off characters that would be otherwise unavailable or extremely difficult to acquire.

Though the original developers continue to assist in bringing the game to English audiences, game localization studio SuperHippo (responsible for such titles as Flower Knight Girl and Osawari Island) are the driving force behind this new edition of Sengoku Providence. They’ll be running the events, answering your support tickets, and making sure fans are enjoying themselves as they navigate the beautifully animated world, so be sure to send them your feedback regarding their title!

Players can pre-register for Sengoku Providence to receive a free premium gacha roll, or join the action when the game releases December 14th!