The Gaming Ground x Sacred Sword Princesses Tips & Tricks

As some of you might be aware, a couple of weeks ago, my Sacred Sword Princesses review dropped via Nutaku, and since I have enjoyed the game a whole lot. I have been asked to write a tips and tricks post for SSP =) Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do here and now. So let’s get going shall we? For starters, your squad line-up is without a doubt one of the most important components in SSP.

Andriella from Booty Calls

It’s always a really good idea to know your enemy's strengths and weaknesses, because then you know which tactics you should use between in order to get a better chance of winning in battle. I would also recommend that you pay close attention to the “Recommended Elements” window, as it gives you some truly excellent advice on which kind of elements you should go for (in other words, which characters you should pick for the said battle).

So in a way, since I love sports, I like to think of the squad line-up as a line-up in an NFL team. Simply put, you are the trainer, and you have to use the right tactics to win each game. Well, that’s kind of what it’s like in SSP as well. That’s also why it’s really important for you to learn your squad's weaknesses and strengths, and most important of all, that you learn to know your enemy.

Nuka from Crystal Maidens

There is a really simple way for you to improve your chances of winning on the battlefield, and that’s to upgrade and rank up your characters. However, be sure to do so with the characters that suit your playing style and tactics the best.

You see, each enemy and boss in SSP have different weaknesses and strengths just like you do. In other words, you have to use the right characters, attacks and special moves between in order to boost your chance of having success during your battles. Lucky enough for you and I, there are plenty of other things that you can do to increase your chances on the battlefield.

Nanase from My Neighbour is a Yandere?! Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Having the right items in your inventory could easily help you out a whole lot during battles.

For example, constant movement is one key to success, because what your enemies can’t touch or hit, they can’t hurt. Other than that, it’s a very wise idea to pick the right characters for each mission or battle that you're facing, because every character has her own unique weapons and special attacks. Furthermore, since you can switch back and forth between the characters that you’ve chosen for a specific mission (think of it as a tap in or tap out kind of move from WWE), that gives you the chance to turn a losing game into a winning game in just a couple of clicks.

Devi from Booty Calls

You can find, earn or win new weapons in SSP. So once you get your hands on some nice weapons, then be sure to give them to the characters who can use them the best.

The next thing to keep in mind is to have the right items, weapons and equipment available for your characters, because that could make the difference between a loss and a win. It’s also a very good idea to check if you could level up your characters, as it would give them an instant improvement of their skills.

Mary Green from Pocket Waifu

You can improve your chances on the battlefield a whole lot by simply summoning new characters. However, keep in mind that luck plays a big role when it comes to summoning new characters to your roster, because sometimes you get a new character, and sometimes you don’t.

Another tip would be to try your luck at summoning some new characters (you will need the right amount of resources to do so, though), because if you’re lucky, then you might just win yourself a game changer. So, what do I mean by that? Well, every time that you use the premium gacha, you get a chance to win a new character. So that means that you could get your hands on a really strong character.

Mary Green from Pocket Waifu

Emily is a really powerful sorcerer, and I got her at a very early stage in SSP. So that gave me a huge advantage on the battlefield. You see, Emily’s special attacks are deadly as hell when you use them correctly. Such as using her fire storm attack in the middle of an enemy horde, for example (as seen in the picture above).

In my case, I got Emily (she’s a sorcerer) very early on in SSP. So it didn’t take long before I got an upper hand against my foes on the battlefield. However, as I mentioned before. Some characters work very poorly against some certain enemies. So you have to be sure to switch over to the best character for the fight at hand.

Mary Green from Pocket Waifu

SSP’s own catgirl/shop girl Chharodi gives you useful tips and advice before you enter any battle.

You actually get some pretty useful advice and tips before each mission or battle that you're about to enter. Furthermore, you also get a chance to see what you’re facing before you even enter said stage. So that gives you the momentum to make the right decision based on your current available squad, equipment, items and what kind of foes whom you’re facing.

Mary Green from Pocket Waifu

Be sure to upgrade your accessories and equip the right gear for the right person. Furthermore, it’s wise to craft, upgrade and forge current and new items whenever you can! Because that’s going to improve your chances on the battlefield a whole lot.

There is actually one more tip that I could share now that I think about it, because before each stage, you get the option to let an online player join you in your fight against evil. So that means that you could, in fact, find yourself a good battle ally that could help you out when you need it the most.

And with that said, I hope that you will find this post to be of help for you in your adventures in SSP.