Nutaku's $10,000,000 Investment in Adult Gaming

  • Nutaku
  • 11/11/2016
  • Announcement

Since the launch of our previous round of funding in the summer, Nutaku has partnered with 12 promising development studios to produce an incredible variety of new adult games. From the over-the-top adventures of Harem Heroes to the clicker mania of Crush Crush, these exciting creations have proven that western game developers are ready to produce breakout titles that embody the best qualities of adult gaming: irreverent, sexy, and willing to challenge preconceptions of what video games are allowed to be.

The conversion of mainstream games into NSFW titles has been a particularly rewarding experience for Nutaku, both in terms of community reaction and revenue. Those previous efforts will now serve as a model for a scaled-up funding initiative unlike anything the gaming world has seen before. We know there’s a vast number of well-made yet underappreciated dating sims, RPG adventures, and roguelikes whose developers are willing to take their project in a wild new direction, and now we’d like to speak to the makers of those games directly.

Here’s the deal: Nutaku is committing $10,000,000 toward game developers who are willing to officially incorporate 18+ material into their games. We’ll pay the cost (in full) to produce the adult content and incorporate it into their title, then prominently feature your “enhanced” edition in front of our 23 million fans.

That highly popular adult mod for an RPG series? Let’s make it official.

The sexy character artwork that would earn the game an M rating? Put it back in, courtesy of us.

That fade-to-black sex scene between main characters in a dating sim? Turn the lights back on.

This is an offer especially relevant to the thousands of game developers who have produced quality titles on Google Play / Apple Store and found their projects buried in a wave of generic competition. We’re not going to fund every project that comes across our desks, but if you’ve got a good rating on your distribution platform, an enthusiastic community, or positive reviews from trusted sources, we’d like to hear your ideas.

Our goal is to provide a fresh infusion of investment capital and professionally-built products to the world of adult gaming. The demand by fans for high-quality new titles far outstrips what’s currently available or in production, leading us to extend this offer to developers who have previously suffered from lack of distribution platforms.

This is the second major funding initiative we’ve announced in the past six months and would not have been possible without the breakaway success of the $2 million dollar indie adult game dev fund, which is currently helping bring to market Road Redemption, Fist of Jesus, Shards of Eradine, Girls on Tanks, and more. For further information on how the original fund was distributed, visit our page on the initiative.

If you’re a developer with a game you’d like to consider spicing up, reach out to us at