Nutaku Game Events – Week of March 13th

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  • 03/17/2016
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Welcome Nutaku fans to a brand new blog post that will cover off all the week’s events and promotions. We're debuting this blog to ensure that you don’t miss out on rewards, upgrades and/or special characters and materials. As those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook know, communicating with fans has always been a big priority for us. So make sure to check back each week to stay up-to-date with our current offerings.

Kamihime Project
Run date: March 15th – 23rd
Advent Battle vs Garuda: Emitting brilliant light, the holy bird destroyed all hope and, in the name of purification, committed massacre.

Pussy Saga
End date: March 19th
Intl Women’ Day

  1. Collect butterflies on dates and win the daily contest.
  2. Get club passes for winning the daily competition.
  3. Hit the club and bang 3 girls five different ways to win the main prize!

Millennium War: Aigis
Run date: Feb 28th – March 28th
Total Domination Mission: Island of Monsters – It’s your chance to get spirit corresponding to all types of rarity! No matter the spirit unit rarity, it can be used as material for Class Evolution!
Run date: March 7th – March 21st
Urgent Mission: The Maze of the Demon King – Missionary Paula will become your ally!
Run date: March 14th – 21st
Urgent Mission: Oni Summoning Sorceress – Get a 100% guaranteed rarity platinum unit “Sorceress Shiho” the first time you beat it!

Dragon Providence
End date: on now until March 21st
The Mermaid’s Summer Crush

Idol Wars Z
Run date: March 14th – 19th
Special Trade Gacha: Trade your duplicate SSR Idol for a different SSR Idol! SSR Idol with Cost over 18 is guaranteed!! 3 draws limit!!

Flower Knight Girl
Start date: March 14th
The 2nd Phase of “Bells ringing in the Eve of the Sacred Night” will be released with additional Gifts and Upgrade Materials added to the event’s Exchange Center. Rainbow Skill and Dress Blooms as well as Golden Skill and Dress Blooms will be added to the title’s “Buy Items” Upgrade Section.
Start date: March 16th
The 11th Reissued Event, “When You Wish Upon A Star” will be launched, lasting until the 30th of March. In it, users will grind through stages collecting “Canna Sealed Stones” which can then be exchanged for the 5★ Canna. The 1st Permanent Reissued Event, “Bremen, The City of Ruin” will launch. Going forward, users can complete this event at any time to obtain the 5★ Lavender. Additional Stages will be added to the World Defensive Battle Scenario. A new Flower Gem Based Gacha Machine will be released.

Ultra Adventure! Go Go - Osawari Island
Start date: March 15th
"Save the City in the Sky!” – Event: 1 New Eromon as Top 300 reward, 12 Old Eromons plus 3 New Eromons , 2 Event areas – each area has 15 Stages, 1 Danger area with 4 stages, 1 Fortune with 1501 items.

Sengoku Providence
Start date: March 15th
6th Story Campaign Date Masamune. New Total War for In-humans only.
March/April Challenges:
Complete all 6 campaigns on “easy difficulty” until March 31st to receive Oda Nobunaga. (Note: players that already completed the campaigns on easy difficulty will receive the reward. Players that completed the previous easy task will receive the reward again).
Complete all 6 campaigns on “hard difficulty” until April 15th to receive Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. (Note: players that already completed the campaigns on hard difficulty will receive the reward. Players that completed the previous hard task will receive the reward again).

Start date: March 12th
Pick-up Gacha update. Special selection of 4 characters with all available rarities.
Run date: March 14th – 16th
48 Hour early-access Sale. Early Access to an unreleased SSR character + 3 Character weapons on sale.
Start date: March 17th
Armory sale weekend. 3 Special SSR weapons available in shop.

PeroPero Seduction
Start date: March 15th
Shards 20 Event: Users will have to battle in PvP matches, pitting five of their best cards against each other. Winning a battle will award users with one Pero Shard. When users have enough shards, they can trade them in for one of the available girls.
Start date: March 17th
Two Shop bundles will be released during the weekend, which will include an SR card and various items.

Good luck!
The Nutaku Team