Nutaku Celebrates National Moon Day!

Hey Nutakrew,

Guess what today is? It’s National Moon Day! First off, we’d like to send a shout out to the first astronauts to walk on the moon in 1969. However, this isn’t about to be a Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin tribute. We decided to celebrate National Moon Day the only way we know how to, in Nutaku style. We thought we’d put our own spin on this day, so we gathered our fav moments from when Nutaku characters have mooned us, blessing us with their assets… Did you really expect anything less? Good! We’re glad that we don’t disappoint! Now without further ado, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our butt appreciation post by glancing through these gorgeous Nutaku babes as they moon you with each page scroll.

Bubble Date Mania
Rachel from Bubble Date Mania serving some piping hot tea.
Pocket Waifu
Little booties matter too! Check out Mary from Pocket Waifu.

Sakura Dungeon
This witch’s full moon from Sakura Dungeon will cast a spell on you!
Fake Lay
Ashley from Fake Lay was definitely prepared for Moon Day.
Girls on Tanks
Lieutenant Aiko from Girls on Tanks reporting for duty!
Pocket Waifu
Cleo fromPocket Waifu is goals!
Pocket Waifu
This is one virtual cuddle session that you don’t want to miss out on in Pocket Waifu. (Yes, she’s such a beauty that we had to showcase her twice 😜)

Sakura Cupid
A spanking always does the trick when your friend is out of line in Sakura Cupid!

Tits 'n' Tanks
Tiger Academy from Tits 'n' Tanks truly saves lives.

Bubble Date Mania
Kami from Bubble Date Mania is here to rock your world!

Beach Bounce
Beauty at its finest in Beach Bounce.

Shards of Eradine
We like to call this a start to a great weekend on Shards of Eradine.
Crystal Maidens
Helen from Crystal Maidens: a fit warrior who clearly does not skip out on squat day *heart eyes*

Sakura Fantasy
Is this a dream or are we just in Sakura Fantasy?

Pussy Saga
Okay, now we’re getting a bit frisky with Pussy Saga, but who’s complaining 😉 Who else likes ‘em large & in charge? We sure do!
Pocket Fantasy
We love sweet & innocent babes from Pocket Fantasy!

Bubble Data Mania
We’re crazy over Mia from Bubble Data Mania for…obvious reasons
Fake Lay
We spotted a full moon!!! Oh no wait.. that’s just Sanshi from Fake Lay.

Dragon Providence
These stunning hotties from Dragon Providence will leave you speechless.

SexBot QA
Our VR babes from SexBot QA are no exception to our moon day post, and the best part about them? You get to feel and play with them however you want. Technology FTW.

Sakura Fantasy
Last, but definitely not least, the dollface sweethearts from Sakura Fantasy will have you head over heels!

We hope you were able to appreciate the beautiful butts that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! There’s a lot more where these came from, check the games out yourself 😉 Let us know which Nutaku booties are your favorite on our socials, @NutakuGames!