Minitary Girls Update

  • Nutaku
  • 07/31/2017
  • Announcement
Minitary Girls

Minitary Girls has experienced some issues that has postponed its launch date. For this reason, Nutaku decided it would be best to take down the game’s “coming soon” banner off the adult gaming platform until an official launch date is confirmed.

The game developers were working hard to launch the game in time for the summer months, even though they were creating the game from scratch. However, not too long ago, the developers came across unexpected issues, setting back their deadline.

“It’s always hard to schedule a game release date so early on in the development stage,” explained the Game Producer of Minitary Girls, “Sometimes things do not unfold the way you imagined.”

Nutaku wants to clarify that the game is still scheduled to release on the platform later this year. We will put back the “coming soon” banner once we are certain the game is ready to launch.

Thank you for your understanding and endless support.

All the best,
The Nutaku Team