Games & Features We're Anticipating This Spring!

  • Nutaku
  • 3/8/2016
  • Game Announcement

The Nutaku staff has a to-do that runs about a mile long, and at the top of that list is bringing more of the sexiest, most enjoyable hentai games from Japan (and elsewhere) to your browser. We started the year with the successful Hitsuji Chronicle and will be following up with two exciting new titles:

Versions of Flower Knight Girl will appear on both and

Command a Knightly Order of faery women defending a garden kingdom from insectoid invaders. Combining swords, sorcery, and a storyline full of harrowing horticultural escapades, the incredible Flower Knight Girl brings to life a magical world of sentient flora that will have you coming back for more.

Flower Knight Girls is an adventure-RPG where you build a party of flower-girls to combat the crawling menaces undermining your kingdom. It has a leveling system similar to Aigis or Duel Squad, where weaker units are sacrificed to empower your rarest, most effective cards. Party members appear on the battlefield during combat encounters and have unique powers can be activated to change the course of a battle. Lastly, every character is fully voice acted - you'll listen to your party members rejoice in victory, protest in defeat, and banter with each other as they conquer their enemies.

Shooting Girl will be found on

While the Japanese nation slumbered, an unexpected enemy prepared for war. In hours, a robotic alien invader defeated the JDF and unleashed terrible weapons against the human populace. Now, with the human remnants driven into hiding and military-aged males mostly dead, the last hope for resistance lay with armed schoolgirls lead by combat veterans.

Shooting Girls is a tactical RPG where your platoon of schoolgirl-rebels must be trained to take on the alien menace. Character classes are determined by the type of weapon a girl wields: handgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, or SMG. Battles are decided by team positioning, unit strength, and effective use of weather conditions. You'll also need to gather resources to build your training academy and ensure your girls remain in fighting shape for battles to come.

We’re extraordinarily excited about both of these titles and will release more screenshots, gameplay videos, and character artwork as we approach our spring release date.

The launch of both Flower Knight Girl and Shooting Girl is just the tip of the spear for Nutaku this year - there area lot more games that we have our eye on and hope to bring to our audiences for the first time in 2016! Unfortunately there's a lot of groundwork that needs to be done regarding IP licensing and distribution before we can announce them, but follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates and teasers regarding latest projects. As always, don’t be shy about commenting or asking us for games you’d like to see - demonstrating demand from the community is one of the best ways to ensure that the games you want to play become available.

Nutaku will also be devoting its resources into two major projects we know are going to be popular: mobile versions of our most successful games and pre-registration for upcoming titles. The first is something requested by our users since the debut of the site, while the second is a great way for players to get free premium items before a game has even launched. It’s also our way of saying thank-you to fans who follow our site and help stoke the anticipation for upcoming titles.

Moving beyond the first months of the year, our ambitions are growing larger. We’ll save that for the next blog post!