Flower Knight Girl Launches; All Is Good With the World

  • Nutaku
  • 4/15/2016
  • Game Updates

Here at Nutaku we’ve been waiting with baited breath to see how the community will receive Flower Knight Girl, the hit DMM waifu-collecting game that we’ve been working hard on for the past several months. Now, with launch day firmly behind us, we can relax a little and enjoy ourselves along with the community of players.

Without going into numbers, Flower Knight Girl has blown past the previous first-day-active-users record set by Osawari Island to become our most successful launch ever. It’s also seen a huge influx of new users to Nutaku, due in part to the excellent press coverage received from adult gaming sites such as LewdGamer and mainstream muckrackers such as Siliconera. These new users are important to the site because they continue to prove that there is an enormous appetite for high-quality hentai games that has yet to be sated; adult gaming is not a niche, but a slowly-awakening giant.

There are a number of factors responsible for Flower Knight Girls success and we’d like to touch briefly upon two of them.

Firstly, our ability to bring Flower Knight Girl to you in its original form, without making the sort of editorial compromises that were required with previous games, is an enormous step forward for Nutaku as a company and clearly welcome by the fans. It will also be our modus operandi going forward: our target for edits is zero, and we will constantly review our already-released titles to bring them closer to that standard.

Secondly, the effort put into improving the translation processes, a commitment that we made to players at the end of 2015 that has now paid off in a big way for Flower Knight Girl. Immersion, characterization, and story are critical elements to this genre and no amount of effort can be spared in making sure that the style and substance of the writing makes a seamless transition from Japanese to English. When reading some of the excellent dialogue present in the game between Flower Knights and their commander, it’s clear that the spirit of each character has been emphatically conveyed - winsome or brooding, tsundere or yandere, it’s a genuine pleasure to fight alongside them and earn their affection.

We’ve been fairly quiet about what’s next for Nutaku, but we’re not ones to rest after a successful launch: Shooting Girl is still in the pipe and scheduled for a soft-launch, and we have two mobile versions of some of our most successful games readying to debut. Tune back next week for more updates on both.

All the best,
The Nutaku Team