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  • 04/26/2017
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Phantasma Magic: Deluxe, by AdultGamesNetwork, will be released on Nutaku in May 2017. Inspired gameplay by the top grossing IOS and Android game in the world, Puzzle & Dragons, Phantasma changes the theme to include erotic experiences that will leave you bewitched. Preregister for the game right now and get 2000 coins and 5 Heart Stones the day it releases!

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At the beginning of the sorcerer's game, players must pick amongst Water, Fire or Grass to be their team leader. The allies and enemies will also be either Water, Fire or Grass. Matching orbs, otherwise known as potions, of a certain color make the same-colored allies attack. Determine which color reduces your opponents’ strength by pressing down on a color before moving it. Mid-battle, the members of the team may start flashing, letting you know that they have enough power to use their special skill. Throughout the game, earn cards to build your team and to strengthen the team leader. This can be a critical strategic move considering your limited time to attack.

Both games utilize similar gameplay by matching three same colored orbs and have the challenging element of acquiring, selecting and improving your team. They also allow players to move orbs anywhere on the board. The primary difference between games is that Phantasma includes steamy sex scenes with attractice witches. In terms of gameplay , Phantasma also limits your time to strategize your next move whereas Puzzle & Dragons doesn’t limit your time to move the orbs. Puzzle & Dragons also has the option to play against friends. Phantasma developers are trying to make that an option after the game launches.

With the best combination of Pokemon and puzzles, it’s not shocking that Puzzle & Dragons is so popular. Reproducing the same gameplay in Phantasma, both games have the orb-matching and RPG-like mechanic that we’ve gotten addicted to. The strategy games are free-to-play with in-game purchases. The best part is that Phantasma is offered on Android and browser, which will be needed to thoroughly appreciate the hot sex scenes. Preregister to get Phantasma and watch the busty sorcerers play with themselves or with each other!

Spread the Magic,
The Nutaku Team

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