All Aboard the Mutiny!!

  • Nutaku
  • 06/15/2017
  • Game Launch

The new downloadable visual novel, Mutiny!! is now available on Nutaku and it is unlike anything else on the platform. Taking place in a world of coveted treasure, unique realms, and remarkable creatures, immerse yourself in this elaborate novel that involves different fetish themes like Monster Girls and Futanari. As you appreciate the high-definition illustrations, you’ll realize how the erotic scenes are far from modest. Navigate your newly acquired ship through danger, adventure and a series of unique and erotic encounters here.

After finishing some business with the cutest Fairy in back of the bar, an unknown visitor catches your eye from across the room. Dressed in skimpy clothing, her sculpted body is on display. It isn’t her fish tail or unicorn horn that catches your eye, but it is how she carries herself with such confidence and intimidation. In fact, it is so intriguing that you invite her to your playroom. Before you can get any further, she leaves her adorable hat and extravagant coat with you, right before escaping into the village. You can’t help but notice how great you look in your new outfit, but you decide to go search for the mysterious babe.

Unable to find her, you make your way to the pirate ship that is docked nearby. You’re quickly approached by beautiful female creatures asking you about their captain and why you have her hat and coat. After learning about the mess their leader created, the crew appoints you as their new captain. You're now on a journey to reduce the debt on the ship, repair the ship itself and manage their bad reputation among the sea-tizens. The most amusing task will be to manage the crew of sexy yet mismatched pirate girls. Who will come back to your cabin first?


Foo is an adorable female puppy that craves attention, and love, from her master. Like any adorable puppy, she’s always ready to play. As she wags her tail, you can’t help but want to get her excited more often. You’d never believe she was a Futanari as her perfect silhouette is always wrapped in a revealing bikini. She will be a lot of fun…


Bree stands as one of the tallest crew members. Her tall, lean body are visible through her modest dress and her long purple braids fall neatly by her sides. Her gracious demeanor leaves her shy when you compliment her or leave a flirtatious comment. Her shyness is what makes you feel like she will open up in ways you cannot imagine.


Alcina is a female bear with a large, sculpted frame. Her muscular thighs explode out of her swimsuit and her ripped arms are nothing but impressive. To compliment her build is her pixie haircut and the cutest bear ears. Alcina seems calm and passive as she’s always trying to get some rest but secretly, you know she must be a savage.

Which shipmate do you prefer? If you haven’t found one, there are many more in Mutiny!!

Get the girls ready to scour the land in search of treasure and adventure. With 12 different visual locations, puzzle-based ship combat, and a series of sexy social interactions that shape the outcome of your story, Mutiny!! is sure to throw you overboard with pleasure. Hit the plank, here.

Mutiny Mutiny Mutiny Mutiny

All Hands on Deck,
The Nutaku Team