AgentShawnee's Best Waifus

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of 2D women. I’m such a huge fan that I have to warn people before passing them my phone image gallery or before inviting someone to my apartment to be exposed to all my lewd figures.

There is a term in the otaku community for a person’s most cherished 2D woman (or women) and that is waifu! Nutaku is full of bodacious female characters just waiting to claim waifu status in your heart (and mine too!).

Today I’m going to explore my top waifu women here on Nutaku that I’ve had a blast playing with in various games.

Ultra Adventure Go Go Osawari Island - Furan

Ultra Adventure Go Go Osawari Island is my favorite Nutaku game so you will see a couple a Eromon on my list. My first love in the game, who’s pretty easy to acquire, is Furan. Deer girls are so adorable and I love her tsundere face!

Phantasma Wand & Wood - Miko

Phantasma Wand & Wood undoubtedly has some sexy characters but my favorite is Miko. She’s basically a gacha priestess who gets really turned on when you bring her heart stones. I love her overt sexuality and jokes plus the scenes whenever you give her stones are pretty amazing.

Attack on Moe - Aoadon

Spooky spirit girls are always a fun time. Aoandon Shiori from Attack on Moe is not only adorable but a little mysterious and reminds me of a traditional Japanese yokai. (Yokai means spirit in Japanese.)

Shards of Eradine

Next up, we have another character who looks a little gothic. She’s a gecko nymph in Shards of Eradine named Gecko. Her style is definitely unique and stands out in the world of monster girls which is why I like her so much.

Ultra Adventure Go Go Osawari Island - Kurage

Kurage is another Ultra Adventure Go Go Osawari Island eromon I simply adore! She is a jellyfish-girl which is rare in the monster girl world. She’s not only cutesy but she has a mischievous look on her face which I love. I mean… she probably has that look on her face because she believes humanity will be enslaved to her but I wouldn’t mind being her slave!

Booty Calls - Aim-e

Aim-E Sparks hails from the game Booty Calls and she’s an adorable gamer. She’s so hardcore she even shaves her pubic hair in the symbol of her gaming clan and she masturbates every time she wins an online match. She’s a gamer’s delight!

Armor Blitz

Next up we have Lila. OK so this one is super biased as I had a hand in creating her. Lila is an adorable cat-girl tank with purple hair and heterochromia. You can play as her in Armor Blitz and it will be like you’re playing with a little piece of my heart.


Lastly the top girl (of course) is Nutaku-tan! Not only is she aesthetically pleasing with her adorable outfit, pink hair, and cat ear headphone but we are into the same stuff! She loves meat buns, gaming, hentai, BABYMETAL, cosplay, and more! She’s pretty much the perfect girl. My only wish is that Nutaku had even more merch of her. I’d love to collect Nutaku-tan figures!

If Myspace was still a thing… all these ladies would be in my top 8! Who are your favorite Nutaku waifus? Let us know @nutakugames!