What Has Me Hooked to My Favorite Nutaku Games

Hello again! I hope you all have had an awesome week! Today I wanted to explore my two favorite Nutaku games and what has me hooked to them.

The first game I ever played on Nutaku was Phantasma Magic Deluxe and I was instantly hooked! I would stay up late playing every night. The game is a match game with an attack element. I have always been a fan of games like Bejeweled and Puzzle & Dragons so this seemed like a natural fit, and a great way to dip my toe in the Nutaku waters. To add even another layer, you play as a young witch who is going to school to harness her magical powers. I’m a big fan of fantasy especially involving witches so that definitely added another reason for me to be excited about the game.

Phantasma Magic Deluxe

The gameplay starts out pretty simple. You begin with a few minions and fight some super easy battles to get the hang of things. The game becomes more and more complicated and difficult the more you play but it does amp up at a steady pace so you aren’t left fighting impossible battles. Oh… and did I mention the absolute best part? The more you play through the story the more sexy scenes you unlock! Also… quite a few of the minion type characters are super sexy as well.

The latest game I’ve been addicted to is Ultra Adventure Go Go Osawari Island. It’s a game where you go through a dungeon type scenario fighting all the baddies but there is a twist… when you get to the end you have a chance to capture some of them! I love games where I can build a collection and they always keep me coming back for more. Don't miss out on the Halloween event, "Chills and Thrills".

Ultra Adventure Go Go Osawari Island

The game has super fun mechanics and you play as chibi versions of the characters which is ultra cute! You can level up the character’s love for you and sometimes they transform into more revealing sprites on top of unlocking sexy scenes! I also really like the diversity of the characters… you have normal looking girls in school girl outfits or bikinis and then there are more ornate characters including angels, cat girls, deer girls, and more!

Those are just a couple of my favorite games on the site! I would love to hear what yours are! Tweet me at @agentshawnee and let me know!

See you next time!