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  • 10/20/2017
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Shawnee AKA AgentShawnee

Hey everyone! My name is Shawnee AKA AgentShawnee and I will be doing a blog takeover for the next month here on Nutaku! Recently I won the Armor Blitz Waifu contest at Anime Expo and got to create my very own cat girl in the game. It felt like destiny because I am a hentai FANATIC! After getting to know the folks at Nutaku and showing them my hentai blog it seemed like a natural fit for a blog takeover! So here I am! Over the next four weeks you can expect some fun hentai blog posts that cover all kinds of topics!

This week I want to give you a little look into my life and what it is like for a woman who is obsessed with hentai!

I saw my first hentai when I was much too young to be watching hentai! Shhh… please don’t tell my dad. Every weekend my best friend and I would walk down to the local Hollywood Video and cruise the anime section for new titles. Back then… new titles were far and few between and we did not have things like simulcasts and the anime streaming sites we have today. Sometimes it would take 10 years for an anime to make it’s way to America and get a subtitled version! One weekend my friend and I stumbled across a new title sitting on the shelf. The cover featured a woman with purple hair tied up in a high pony tail floating in the air in a skimpy version of a kimono with magic lightening shooting from her finger. The title of what we thought was a regular anime was “Rei Rei Missionary Of Love” and, while it did have an 18+ sticker on it, we didn’t assume it was porn. It was in the regular anime section and not hidden away in the secret porn section upstairs after all… OK! So it did also have tentacles on the cover but I didn’t know! I promise!

Rei Rei Missionary Of Love

“Rei Rei Missionary Of Love” was probably one of the best gateway titles into the hentai world. It was comical, it featured a powerful woman, and people facing real life sexual struggles that teenage me was starting to experience myself. We watched that two episode OVA over and over and over again! Then I started venturing onto Livejournal to find even more hentai. I used to print out hentai photos and keep them in a secret journal that I would only share with the friend I discovered hentai with.

Throughout the past decade I have continued to enjoy hentai. I hope this next statement doesn’t burst anyone’s bubble but… I don’t watch hentai to be turned on or play hentai games to get off. I’m very aware that is what most people imagine when they imagine me home alone with my favorite hentai but it’s just not true! I really love hentai for the entertainment of it and the art form. I love comedic hentai more than I can possibly express!

This year when searching for hentai news and such I realized how very little of it was available in English. Then I discovered there were very few people talking about it… especially a lack of women talking about it! This inspired me to create my site Hentai HQ which is a female led site but we do have a few male authors. While writing for the site I was looking to cover as much eroge as possible and I stumbled across Nutaku. Nutaku offered me a playground of fun games I could start playing for free. I started playing several of the games and I was hooked! When I went to Anime Expo I heard Nutaku was there and I v-lined to their booth and stocked up on cute stickers and in-game codes. The staff were super nice and I had quite a few fun talks and decided to enter the contest, and now here I am! I know this partnership will be really fun so I hope you drop by every week and check out my articles over the next month.

See you next week!