Adult Games on Mobile: Girls Kingdom & Beyond

  • Nutaku
  • 4/7/2016
  • Game Announcements

This week’s major event on Nutaku is the launch of the Girls Kingdom mobile app, our first foray into an exciting new method of delivering adult games to our players. Though many of you have enjoyed the excellent Dragon Providence through your mobile browsers, Girls Kingdom is the first chance we’ve had to dip our toes into the waters of the app market - and so far it’s very welcoming! If you like Girls Kingdom or you’re eager to see more mobile apps on our site, visit the Girls Kingdom page on an Android-friendly phone and give it a try. We’re always open to hearing your feedback.

One of the best features of the Girls Kingdom mobile app is that it’s directly linked to your Nutaku account: you’ll be logging in to the same game profile, with the same city and same army that you play with the on web version. Both web and mobile versions will also share opponents as you attack and defend each other’s fledgling kingdoms. This will be the standard for all of our upcoming mobile releases, so you’ll never be forced to make a tough choice between keeping your current progress or abandoning it for a more friendly platform.

With the launch of the Girls Kingdom mobile app, we’ve received many questions asking why it isn’t available for iPhone, nor will it be in the foreseeable future. Well, dear reader, let us dive into the morass that is Apple’s content distribution policy…

Apps for iPhones may only be installed through Apple’s App store. All developers that wish to appear in the store are required to go through an extensive policy compliance check before launch to make sure they’re not slipping naughty content into their games. What are they looking to screen out? Violence is not a problem, of course, but if we dare to show a gorgeous cat-girl getting it on with her human owner, then we’ve crossed the invisible line that separates the profitable from the profane and can expect to receive all sorts of angry admonishments.

Pictured: something you'll never get on iPhone

Phones using the Android OS are similarly linked via the Google Play store, though their users are free to download apps from non-store sites so long as they select the “Allow app installation from unknown sources” in the phone’s security settings. In short, if you’re the sort of person that values being able to install whatever apps you choose (including kinky hentai sex apps from friendly local websites), either let Apple know your feelings regarding their restrictive content policies or consider breaking your iPhone habit.

The second most frequent question, and the last we’ll address in this post, is "What’s next on the mobile agenda?" While we can’t officially confirm anything yet, both Kanpani Girls and Osawari Island are excellent candidates for apps or browser-compatible versions - be sure to watch our Facebook or Twitter for announcements about these games over the coming weeks. We also have a third, unannounced title in development which we intend to launch on Nutaku alongside a mobile version that’s ready to go; this will be an increasingly be a priority for future titles.

That’s all for now, thanks for joining us and enjoy your weekend of gaming!

All the best,
The Nutaku Team