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  • Content Release 8 December info. 12/09/2016 08:39AM

    Hello everyone,

    The Game Update is complete !

    What's New?
    1. Continent 4 is now available. Granstar Region South-West.
    7 Dungeons with 3 difficulty levels.
    2. Echidna's Nest Event.
    25 Dungeons with great rewards.
    3. Silver egg Hunt Daily login bonus Campaign.
    Each day you will receive Crystals/Silver eggs until 20 December.
    4. Limited Gatekeeper : Echidna Queen (Water) appears during event period.
    5. New Character Release:
    Nonno - Girl Character available in Premium and Normal Gacha.
    Sephira - Girl Character available in Premium and Normal Gacha.
    Mikoto - Man Character available in Gentleman Gacha.
    6. Shop - 3 New packs available in the Shop with the new characters.
    - R White Knight Sephira + 20 Crystals - 1500 Nutaku Gold (15% Discount)
    - SR Geomancer Nonno + 30 Crystals - 2500 Nutaku Gold (16% Discount)
    - SRDivine Knight Sephira + 125 Crystals - 8000 Nutaku Gold - (36% Discount)

    Hope you enjoy,
    X-Overd Team

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  • Gacha Update 12/02/2016 07:42AM

    Guaranteed Gacha Pool Info
    Each week there will be 2 Guaranteed SSR girls for the 10+1 Draw.
    2 December - 8 December
    - SSR Toad Master Karue
    - SSR Phantom Thief Kupica

    X-Overd Team

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  • Black Friday Week-end (25-28 Nov). 11/25/2016 07:04AM

    Black Friday Packs available in the Shop

    Availability : Between 25 November and 28 November 11:00 AM EEST.

    Limited time packs (One time buy per player):
    1 - SSR Shadow Master Saya + 100 Crystals - 5000 Nutaku Gold (50% Discount).
    2 - SSR Wonder Walker Laticia + 100 Crystals - 5000 Nutaku Gold (50% Discount).
    3 - SSR Sacred Caladbolg + SSR Axe of the Gods Labrys + 100 Crystals - 8000 Nutaku Gold (20% Discount).

    X-Overd Team

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  • X-Overd is Live ! 11/24/2016 05:28AM

    Greetings everyone,

    Starting today we are available world wide.
    After the pre-registration, the wait has come to an end.

    We welcome you with a new type of gameplay, attractive story and Raid missions.
    Gather your friends and help each other fight the forces of evil.

    Story: (Periodic Updates)
    - 3 Continents unlocked that contain over 100 Story dungeons. (More continents will be released in the future).
    - Gatekeepers will appear after finishing certain story missions and will challenge your team to the max. You will need your friends to join and help fight the Gatekeepers. Great rewards will be given to the players that participated the most in these fights.

    Daily Missions:
    - Whole set of daily Dungeons and challenges that change each day. (Whole schedule is presented in the game guide).
    - Panel mission + Daily missions. Complete certain requests to unlock great rewards.

    Exchange center: (Periodic Updates)
    - Exchange obtained items from daily missions and Gatekeepers for exclusive items and rewards.
    - Gold Resumes will change periodically and we will update the news with the next content update.

    Limited Dungeons: (Periodic Updates)
    - For a limited period of time, Limited dungeons will appear as available.
    Over there you will be able to fight limited enemies and obtain exclusive rewards.
    We have two limited dungeons running (Forbidden Chest and Gift from Noel) that will run until early December.
    In these quests you will obtain Items that will help you grow as a leader and your characters will become more powerful.

    Shop: (Periodic updates)
    - Limited time packs are available in the shop. We will add new packs each week with different offers.
    - You will noticed one day before we change the packs so you can grab anything that you may need.

    Gacha: (Periodic updates)
    2 Types of Gacha.
    - Premium Gacha - A pool of characters that contain R rarity up to SSR.
    - A pool of Weapons that contain R up to SSR rarity.
    - Free Gacha - Different pools that contain Males (R to SSR) weapons (Low rarity) and weapons (low rarity).

    A lot of content is down the line and we invite you to play this game and experience a wonderful adventure.

    Kind regards,
    X-Overd Management Team.

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