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  • Sengoku Providence collaboration and content update. 01/20/2017 09:49AM


    Today we are starting a collaboration campaign with our friends from Sengoku Providence.
    Between 20 and 27 January we will have a series of challenges for you.
    Play Sengoku providence and complete daily achievements 5 times and finish the Takeda campaign on normal difficulty.

    Rewards will be sent on 27 January.
    Sephira and Saya weekend Exchange office:
    Between 20 and 23 January, special Exchange office is available.
    SSR Shadow Master Saya Character - 40 Crystals per evolution.
    SSR Holy Swordsman Sephira - 40 Crystals per evolution.
    SSR - Luna Maria - Two-handed Sword specific for Sephira - 20 Crystals per evolution.
    SSR - Sayagatana - Ninja blade specific for Saya - 20 Crystals per evolution.
    Guaranteed Gacha Update:
    Between 20 and 27 January, SSR Warrior Princess Souffle is available for Guaranteed Gacha.

    Kind Regards,
    X-Overd team.

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  • 19 January Shop Update. 01/19/2017 08:28AM


    Today we are releasing 3 additional shop offers for the event characters.

    (R) Peach Hermit Saya Set + 5 Crystals - 100 Nutaku Gold.
    (SR) Dark Dragon Warrior Ferris Set + 30 Crystals - 2500 Nutaku Gold.
    (SR) Balmy Ranger Kupika Set + 125 Crystals - 10000 Nutaku Gold.

    Offers end on 26 January.

    X-Overd Team

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  • 24 hour Early access Sale ! 01/17/2017 11:28AM


    We have a 24h Early Access Sale active in the shop with 2 new packs!

    SSR Margaret Pack
    -SSR Holy Knight Margaret
    -10 Golden EGG MAX (+1200% EXP)
    -100 Crystals
    for 7,000 Nutaku Gold! It's 30% OFF!!

    SSR Shining Thunder Blade Set
    -SSR Shining Thunder Blade - Margaret Exclusive Weapon!!
    -15 Crystals
    for 1000 Nutaku Gold! It's 33% OFF!!

    The offers expire on 18/01/2017 16:00 GMT

    Hope you enjoy,
    X-Overd Team

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  • Nutaku Anniversary Campaign ! 01/13/2017 05:51AM



    This weekend between 13 and 16 January we are celebrating Nutaku's 2 Year anniversary with special discounted packs in the Shop.
    (R)Lapis Set – 80% Discount - 100 Nutaku Gold
    (SR)Lapis Set – 20% Discount - 20% Discount -8000 Nutaku Gold
    (SSR)Lapis Set – 50% Discount - 6200 Nutaku Gold
    (SR) Maple Set - 16% Discount - 2500 Nutaku Gold
    (SSR) Saya – 50% Discount -5000 Nutaku Gold
    (SSR) Maple Set – 50% Discount - 6200 Nutaku Gold

    Offer ends on Monday.

    In other news:
    - We have added a new option for the side banners named "Toggle Skin" present in the top right corner of the game page.
    It is addressed for the players that may prefer to play the game without the character slideshow.
    - To those who reported that the Gatekeeper rewards have to been received, the situation has been fixed and the rewards are now present in your Giftbox.
    - The Login bonus rewards have also been fixed.

    Kind regards,
    X-Overd Team.

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  • Dream Blossom Event 12 Jan - 26 Jan 01/12/2017 07:09AM

    Tomorrow, 12 January until 26 January, X-Over will host a brand new event Dream Blossom Festival.
    Key event reward Item: Dream Blossom Droplet (Item drops in quests and will be used for Exchange Center).
    Contents :
    Limited Dungeon:
    11 Quests with 3 difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, Very Hard).
    Total : 33 dungeons.
    Names Twilight Avenue 1 – 11.
    Exchange Center Update:
    R to SSR Girls special edition for the event.
    SSR and SR girls are purchasable only once. 10000 Droplet SSR Girls are purchasable 5 times. The duoubled characters represent evolutions for the girls at different prices.
    R Characters have variations between 5 and 15 purchase options.
    You will 3 identical SSR Girls (ex veronica).
    You will get one time buy SSR verionica for 1000 Droplet
    One time buy for SSR Verionica for 2000
    The rest of the evolutions for SSR verionica will cost each 10.000.
    Same for the rest of the characters.

    Special Gacha section that will contain all 14 limited edition characters for this event. This will include Crystal Gacha, Free Gacha and Gentleman Gacha.
    1. (SR) Erestian Soul Set – 10000 Nutaku Gold
    2. (R) Mei Fan Set – 100 Nutaku Gold
    3. (SR) Freesia Set – 2500 Nutaku Gold
    4. (SR) Lily Set – 10000 Nutaku Gold
    Come back everyday to receive a special login bonus during the event period.
    X-O Team

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  • New Character Release. 01/06/2017 07:36AM

    Greetings eveyone,

    Today's content update includes:

    3 New Characters now available in Gacha. 2 New Girls and 1 New Man.
    - Lapis - Girl - Job LVL Max 80 - R, SR and SSR - Available in Guaranteed Gacha, Free Gacha and Incresed drop chance in Priority Gacha.
    - Maple - Girl - Job LVL Max 80 - R, SR and SSR - Available in Guaranteed Gacha, Free Gacha and Incresed drop chance in Priority Gacha.
    - Iconech - Man - Job LVL Max 80 - R, SR and SSR - Available in Gentleman Gacha.

    Also, the Free Gacha has been cleaned from remaining Chrismtas character and recalculated drop chances for Sephira and Nonno.
    X-Overd management team.

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  • New Year's Celebration content update. 12/27/2016 09:50AM

    Greetings everyone,
    Gacha Banners : They will remain with the Christmas theme until 5th January.
    Once you read this message, all Gachas and Shop are already updated.
    Guaranteed Gacha : SSR Ranger Lune will remain available until 5th of January.
    Shop Packs: Christmas packs that were displayed to expire of 26 december, are extented until 5th of January.
    Surprise Gift: Login on 1st of January 2017 for a special reward.
    Today we have launched a new update that brings into our game 10 new Special Characters to celebrate the New Year.
    In the following period, until 5th of January 2017, we will have the following new Characters:
    Men (Available in Gentlemen Gacha and Shop).
    R Drunken Fencer Shien -> Job Max LVL 40
    SR Drunken Mechanic Shiedle-> Job Max LVL 46
    SR General of Celebrations Schwartz -> Job Max LVL 46
    SR New Year's Chef Elio -> Job Max LVL 46
    Girls (Available in Guaranteed Gacha, New Character Gacha, Free Gacha and Shop).
    R New Year's Axeman Souffle -> Job Max LVL 40
    SR Festival Shooter Lune -> Job Max LVL 46
    SR New Year's Ninja Girl Saya -> Job Max LVL 46
    SR Slumbering Sage Cattleya -> Job Max LVL 46
    SSR Guardian Protector Veronica -> Job Max LVL 48
    SSR Happy Thief Kupika -> Job Max LVL 46
    We hope you will have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.
    Kind Regards,
    X-Overd management Team.

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  • Winter Update 12/20/2016 08:44AM

    Greetings friends and welcome,

    Today we have set up a new update for our beautiful game X-Overd.
    The new content consists in the following:

    Christmas Special edition Characters:
    SSR - Holy Star Knight Margaret
    SR - Caroll Gardner
    R - Mustachioed Blacksmith Dovan
    R - False Holy Man Lily

    All of these new lovely characters are available in the "Premium Gacha" for new Characters, "Gentlemen Gacha" and Shop.

    Gacha update:
    SSR - Holy Star Knight Margaret
    SR - Caroll Gardner
    R - False Holy Man Lily

    Available in the "New character Gacha" with increase drop chance (5% each new character). Additionally, Nonno and Sephira keep their high drop Chances.

    Winter Holiday Rescue mission !
    Will be kept between 20 December and 5 January.

    The event contains 7 Quests that you need to complete in order to save the Christmas and free Mustachioed Blacksmith Dovan from the evil Elfs. Without him, nobody will get their presents this year.
    Quest rewards are great in weapons and consumables. You will find most useful items dropped during these missions.

    Starting today, all players will receive in their Gift boxes 10 Crystals as compensation for the faulty Login System that "Echidna's Nest event".

    Multiple valuable Crystal deals that will get offer you bonus girls.

    We hope you enjoy this new update and we wish you a Merry Christmas !
    X-Overd management Team

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  • Alert ! 24 Hour SSR limited offer. 12/14/2016 05:21AM

    24 Hour super limited SSR Archbishop Cattleya + Angel's Raiment (+100 Evasion additional stats) + 58 Crstals. All for 5000 Nutaku Gold.
    Offer ends on 15 December 10:00 AM GMT

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  • Content Release 8 December info. 12/09/2016 08:39AM

    Hello everyone,

    The Game Update is complete !

    What's New?
    1. Continent 4 is now available. Granstar Region South-West.
    7 Dungeons with 3 difficulty levels.
    2. Echidna's Nest Event.
    25 Dungeons with great rewards.
    3. Silver egg Hunt Daily login bonus Campaign.
    Each day you will receive Crystals/Silver eggs until 20 December.
    4. Limited Gatekeeper : Echidna Queen (Water) appears during event period.
    5. New Character Release:
    Nonno - Girl Character available in Premium and Normal Gacha.
    Sephira - Girl Character available in Premium and Normal Gacha.
    Mikoto - Man Character available in Gentleman Gacha.
    6. Shop - 3 New packs available in the Shop with the new characters.
    - R White Knight Sephira + 20 Crystals - 1500 Nutaku Gold (15% Discount)
    - SR Geomancer Nonno + 30 Crystals - 2500 Nutaku Gold (16% Discount)
    - SRDivine Knight Sephira + 125 Crystals - 8000 Nutaku Gold - (36% Discount)

    Hope you enjoy,
    X-Overd Team

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