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  • New Campaign 01/17/2017 02:20AM

    Hello Everyone,

    A new campaign story was added to Sengoku Providence: Takega Shingen tales.

    Please note that this is not included in the current task to finish on hard mode. There are 522 players that already completed hard mode.

    Future updates:
    - gacha update: Sasaki Kojirou and Miyamoto Musashi;
    - Sengoku Dojo with achievement rewards for completing it.
    - full screen play;
    - new 4* and 5* mini events;
    - first rebellion event.
    - 5th campaign: Kenshin Uesugi Legend;

    Happy Farming,
    Sengoku Providence Team!

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  • 5* Senki Reward 01/10/2017 08:50AM

    Hello Everyone,

    We Will Reward Every Player That Will Complete By 31St Of January The Battle Of The Three Kingdoms Stories On Hard Difficulty With A 5 * Senki And 5 Veteran Tanuki. There Is A Poll On Our Facebook Page To Vote For The Senki That Will Received At The Be End Of The Campaign.

    If More Than 750 Players Complete The Task The First Two Senki Will Be Sent As Reward Along With The 5 Veteran Tanuki ..
    More Rewards Will Be Sent Based On The Number Of Users That Complete The Task.

    All Players That Have Already Completed The Campaign On Hard Difficulty Will Also Receive The Reward. There Are Currently 250 That Have Completed The Task. Updates On Number Of Players That Finished The Tasks Will Be Posted On in with facebook Regularly.

    Happy Farming,
    Sengoku Providence Team!

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  • Faster Grinding 01/10/2017 08:49AM

    Hello Everyone,

    . An Update Of The Flash Client Has Been Made

    We Advice You To Do The Following Before Launching The Game:

    * Clear Your Web Browser Cache (CTRL Tasu F5) Or (CTRL Tasu Shift Tasu Delete)

    Changes Implemented:
    - Auto Is Unlocked At Level Now 20;
    - Speed Is Now Unlocked At Level 25.
    - Timezone Difference Has Been Fixed.
    - Various Typos And UI Fixes;

    Future Updates:
    . - Change Of The GvG Battle Times Are Under Discussion Right Now Most Likely We Will Change To Them:. 06-07 AM / 03-04 PM; 08-09PM / 11 PM-12AM GMT
    - Guild Top;
    . - Mouse Over Tips In Various Locations

    Sengoku Providence Team!

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  • Sengoku Providence Update 1 01/06/2017 07:39AM

    Hello Everyone,

    We Are Happy To Announce The First Update On Sengoku Providence Which Contains:

    - Priority Gacha With 3 New 4 * Senki And 2 New 5 * Senki With Increased Drop Chances;
    - 4 New 4 * Daily Events;
    - 4 New 5 * Daily Events;
    - The First Dojo That Will Reward Darumas (Use These To Increase The Level Of Your Senki Special Skills).

    Known Issues:
    - Timezone Difference For GvG; The Solution Is Currently Under Tests

    Next Update:
    Takeda Story Campaign
    Gacha Update (Yukimura Sanada, Ujiyasu Hojo, Chikurin-In, Masashige Daidoji, Ujimasa Hojo)

    Have A Great New Year!

    Sengoku Providence Team!

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  • New Year Campaign 12/23/2016 06:11AM

    Hello everyone,

    We will reward every player that will complete by 3rd of January the Battle of the Three Kingdoms stories with a 5* Senki . There is a pool on our Facebook page to vote for the Senki that will be received at the end of the campaign.

    All players that have already completed the campaign will also receive the reward.

    Happy Holidays,
    Sengoku Providence Team!

    P.S. There is also a New Year Gacha. Keep an eye out for it.

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  • Christmas Gacha 12/22/2016 07:12AM

    Hello everyone,

    On 25th December we will have a special Christmas Gacha that will drop a guaranteed 5* Senki for 80 free or paid magatama.

    This will only be Available Only Once Per Player

    ※ This Gacha Can Draw With Both Be Free And Paid Magatama
    ※ Gacha Period May Be Changed Without Notice.

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  • Sengoku Providence Release 12/16/2016 05:02AM

    Hello everyone,

    Sengoku Providence is released globally.

    We advice you to do the following before launching the game:

    * Clear your web browser cache (CTRL+F5) or (CTRL + Shift + Delete)
    * Do not use any AdBlocker or flash blocking add-on that could prevent the game from downloading server assets.
    * Check your Anti-virus settings
    * Use one of the supported browsers: Mozilla or Chrome with the latest updates.
    * Do not use two account simultaneously on Nutaku.
    * Make sure the you have the latest Flash installed.

    Best Regards,
    Sengoku Providence Team!

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