Negligee - News and Updates

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  • New Game Released 11/11/2016 12:44PM

    We are happy to announce the next title by Dharker Studio is now available on Nutaku exclusively.

    Seeing a new story set in a world of magic where things are not as they appear.
    The new game features more fun, CG scenes and a variety of endings and content to explore.

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  • DLC Expansions 10/06/2016 03:58AM

    We are happy to announce that after the release of Negligee we will soon be releasing a selection of bonus DLC content for people to enjoy, featuring new wallpapers, soundtrack and other content.

    We plan to release the following extra items:

    Original Soundtrack
    Game Wallpapers
    Adult Dakimakuras
    Bonus Avatars
    Game Walkthrough
    Companion Art Book

    As soon as we have the functionality for these items they will be available to purchase here on nutaku.

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