Flower Knight Girl - News and Updates

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  • Banana Island Bonus Gacha 09/23/2016 02:53AM

    The Banana Island Bonus Gacha is now LIVE! DRAW Flower Knights from Banana Island with increased drop chances and get 4 STAR or 5 STAR Guaranteed Gacha tickets for each DRAW!

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  • New Event Ongoing: Enemy Subjugation! 09/20/2016 01:39AM

    Join Flower Knight's new event for a chance to obtain the 5 STAR Flower Knight, Calla.
    The new Character Priority Gacha is also here! DRAW now to obtain one of the 3 NEW Flower Knight Girls!

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  • Cactace's Step-UP Gacha 09/15/2016 02:27AM

    Cactace's Step-UP Gacha is now LIVE along with the Bonus Manyu Gacha! Perform the last step in Cactace's Gacha to unlock the Bonus Step offering a guaranteed BRIDE CACTACE!

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  • Step Up Gacha 3 09/08/2016 09:08AM

    Special Gacha 3 is now LIVE! Play the 10 DRAW, get the Special Exchange Ticket, and pick your favorite 6 STAR Flower Knight!
    Available Until: September the 15th

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  • Special Gacha 2 08/12/2016 02:38AM

    The 2nd Special Gacha Machine has launched! Perform an 11 DRAW, obtain the "Special Exchange Ticket" and trade it in for a 6 STAR Flower Knight of you choosing!

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  • Event Ongoing:17.05.2016 - 31.05.2016 05/18/2016 06:11AM

    Tuesday, May 17th 2016

    Event Ongoing:
    Mountain Lily, a knight of the Banana Ocean Kingdom.
    Her greatest wish is to become stronger, in order to serve and advise Casablanca, the daughter of the royal family, and help turn her into the ruler she is meant to be.
    In pursuit of knowledge, she left for the Sacred Mountain towering over the kingdom of Winter Rose.

    Event Period: 17.05.2016 - 31.05.2016

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  • Event Ongoing: 03.05.2016 - 17.05.2016 05/03/2016 05:27AM

    For The Sake of Our Precious Menories

    Meet Edelweiss, the daughter of a noble family from Lillywood.
    Although she's an aristocrat, she doesn't back down from a fight and her skills on the battlefield are well known throughout the kingdom.
    One day ago, while fighting off a wave of Pests, she received news of a swarm of huge Pugnacious Pests heading her way.
    Realizing there's no way she can handle them on her own, she sent word to the Flower Knights and requested aid...

    Event Period: 03.05.2016 - 17.05.2016

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  • Event Ongoing: 18.04.2016 - 02.05.2016 04/18/2016 04:01AM

    Bremen: The City of Ruin

    The once beautiful and prosperous city of Bremen has been overrun by Pests! The ruthless monsters have converted it into their den and they don't plan on leaving… Exterminate the Pugnacious Pests and help bring Bremen back to its old glory! Complete the event's Stages and get a 5 STAR Lavender.

    Event Period: 18.04.2016 - 02.05.2016

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