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  • V0.69 Update - That's not even a joke, it's actually version 0.69 10/08/2016 12:36AM

    Hey peeps,

    So we've just launched a new version of Crush Crush, which will hopefully make your life easier and warm the cockles of your heart.

    Here's a handy dandy list of some of the stuff that's different:

    * Bug fixes - lots of them. Hopefully we’re past the dark times, but please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with your game.
    * Some balance tweaks - Cassie is now easier and Luna is harder. Wow!
    * A Beta achievement! As a small token of our love, we wanted to commemorate you guys for sticking with us through this launch. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here.
    * New dialog for sexy scenes - we got a lot of feedback to add unique dialog to the sexy scenes. So we did!
    * A few more sexy easter eggs. See how many YOU can find.
    * Reminder! If you pre-registered you should have received 10 diamonds and all the lingerie outfits ONCE you reach Lover Level with a lady and 'swap' what they're wearing in the Gift Panel. Check those things first before sending a ticket.

    As mentioned, please let us know if you run into any problems by sending a support ticket. And thanks for sticking with us, you patient and oddly attractive people.

    Yours truly,
    Sad Pandas

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  • Launch Day Bugs - CRUSHED!!! 10/05/2016 12:29AM

    Hey Nutaku-ers,

    Welcome to Crush Crush. We are the various pandas of Sad Panda Studios, and we’re very pleased you’re checking out our game.

    We had a bumpy launch, with a bunch of players reporting lost progress and other issues. We’ve gotten lots of them ironed out, but please don’t be shy if you’re still facing difficulties. Drop us a message at:

    For people who heard back from us, but are still waiting on your diamond refunds, hang tight! We just figured out the hiccup in our new backend systems, and those refunds will be processing shortly. Give it, like, a few hours from the time of this post, and then message us if it’s still a no show for you.

    Some other stuff we fixed today:
    1) Playing the game in Incognito Mode will no longer prevent your game from saving.
    2) Lots of crashes and hangups are now smoothed out.
    3) A third thing. (Lists with only two things freak us out).

    If you DO run into any weird issues, try refreshing the page first. If that fails hard, message us.

    Thanks a ton for your patience. We’re super stimulated to be on Nutaku, and we hope you enjoy your time in Crush Crush.

    Love you hard,
    Sad Panda Studios

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